Razer unveils the Huntsman Elite and Huntsman gaming keyboards, both of which give users an edge with its new optical switches that enhance responsiveness.

A Game-Changing Combination

PC gamers are well aware of the brand's signature designs that normally come with customizable LED lighting and quality mechanical switches. The new products being offered might look like another rehash of the same concept, but it holds something extra that can help win a match.

A press of its keys makes an audible click, which immediately sounds familiar to professional gamers. Yet, there is something extra that makes a difference.

It is no secret that hardcore gamers who know their stuff prefer the actuation speed delivered by top-shelf mechanical switches. However, the Huntsman lineup includes a laser sensor that works alongside the former technology to register keystrokes.

The gaming peripheral-maker could have just relied on the IR sensors alone for a more silent approach. It understands, however, that players often want to hear a mechanical click that is common among gaming keyboards.

Lights Make A Difference

Premium gaming keyboard models that are not only from Razer usually feature LED lighting to make it usable in dim lighting conditions. Sometimes, the glow that emanates from its body adds to its appeal, which can make the product alluring for a buyer.

The manufacturer responsible for the Huntsman Elite and Huntsman is regarded for its customizable Chroma lights. This time around, it uses a different kind of light to enhance its response time.

The two products are the first ones to use opto-mechanical switches under each key. This delivers a tactile mechanical feel that players look for and uses infrared sensors to immediately detect the actuation and respond accordingly.

Overall, there is 30 percent improvement compared to traditional configurations. Tests performed by the company rate its lifespan as 100 million keystrokes for each key.

Choosing Between the Two

The Huntsman Elite and Huntsman are both from the same lineup but each one offers different features. Even though each one flaunts the same matte aluminum top plate and the opto-mechanical switches advertised by Razer, some noticeable variances separate the two.

The basic model offers the standard full-size layout with Chroma LED lighting for all keys. The Elite version takes it up a notch with extra multimedia buttons and a dial, which are all customizable.

Additionally, other details such as Chroma underglow lighting and a removable magnetic wrist rest, which also has its own underglow LEDs, make it stand out from the regular version.

Both models are now available on the official Razer product page. The Huntsman costs $149.99, while the Huntsman Elite retails for $199.99

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