Huawei Patent Reveals Smartwatch Design That Can Hold Wireless Earbuds


Huawei has patented a smartwatch design that can hold a pair of built-in Bluetooth earbuds, something that's never been explored before in the world of smartwatches.

Current speculation says that this design will be implemented for the Huawei Watch 3, but the lack of sufficient details, including a release date, make the possibility unlikely. That said, it appears the company is presently exploring ways on how to reinvent the typical smartwatch design by including a storage for wireless headphones.

How Huawei Plans To Store Earbuds In A Smartwatch

One such way is through a capsule with a spring mechanism that opens and closes with a snap, or magnetically attached to the watch band itself. The wireless earbuds would have water resistant capabilities, and they'll also feature active noise canceling.

In any case, The World Intellectual Property Organization approved Huawei's patent on June 28, and LetsGoDigital was the first to catch wind of it. It's a pretty cool idea, especially since people probably want to keep their wireless earbuds where they're easy to find.

Huawei Watch 3?

Just note that a patent isn't surefire indication that a company is planning to develop whatever is illustrated in it. It's a nifty solution, sure, but there's no telling if Huawei actually plans on making this, or if it's just laying legal groundwork in case some other company tries to copy its ideas.

Patents are often that — preemptive. So, don't hold your breath that this design will be the much-anticipated Huawei Watch 3. Keep in mind that Huawei also patented a gaming smartwatch back in May, and that was also approved. From this, one can infer that the company is considering a number of possibilities for its next smartwatch.

Perhaps the best thing out of this news is that Huawei is still trying to explore smartwatches, unlike most other companies who have largely given up on developing them. A number of factors have led to a general disinterest in smartwatches recently, including their cost and their relatively underpowered specs when compared to smartphones.

Owning a smartwatch these days can be cool and convenient, but is it really a must-have? Most people don't think so. But a smartwatch that can store a couple of wireless earbuds? That could certainly be a unique selling point.

Do you think smartwatches still have a place in the future of tech, or are they slowly on their way out? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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