17 Reasons Why Fitbit Versa Is The Best Smartwatch Out There

Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa is the fitness company’s cheapest smartwatch yet, but don’t let the low price tag fool you. It’s just as good as its rivals out there, topped with unbeatable features focused on health and fitness. (Fitbit)

Who says smartwatches are dead? They're not what you call as must-haves, sure, but they can still prove pretty useful, especially for someone looking to get fit.

Enter the Fitbit Versa, the fitness company's sophomore attempt at a smartwatch after 2017's Ionic. At $200, it is by far the most-low cost yet feature-packed smartwatch and sophisticated fitness tracker out there, rivaling Apple's much more expensive Apple Watch Series 3.

Fitbit positions the Versa as a smartwatch for everyone, and it really feels like it is. It's really affordable, for starters. For people who aren't willing to invest in smartwatches but are looking to try one without breaking the bank, it would be the perfect entry point.

Plus, it works regardless you have an iPhone, an Android smartphone, and even a Windows Phone while the Apple Watch is locked into Apple's iOS platform.

There's a lot of things that Fitbit got right with the Versa. For one, it doesn't look like a fitness tracker. The watch features a gorgeous sleek design, enabling the device to still look good on your wrist even after you leave the gym, very unlike Fitbit's previous bands.

It's also the lightest, most comfortable, and ergonomic watch Fitbit has even come up with. However, the Versa truly shines with its features involving fitness, of course.

There are on-screen workouts, a heart rate sensor, a sleep tracker, and a revamped dashboard that show more health information than ever before. There's even an upcoming feature that lets women keep track of their menstrual and ovulation cycles — where else can you get it?

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