Nintendo's initial mobile game market foray bears fruit as Super Mario Run revenues reach $60 million. Data shows that it is mostly from Apple's platform.

An Overwhelming Lead

Reports reveal that the platforming title continues to earn more on iOS than on Android. In fact, more than 70 percent of the $60 million revenues come from users on the former platform. Some sources argue that the contributing factor to the substantial difference in revenue is the game's earlier availability on Apple's ecosystem. The game was released on Google's mobile operating system three months after its iOS debut.

Meanwhile, a closer inspection of the overall data shows that sales of the Android version of the game increased this year. Still, it looks like Apple will hold on to its lead for the time being. Other details included in the report noted that 43 percent of its total earning came from users in the United States. Subsequently, 17 percent originated from Japan, while the rest came from different territories worldwide.

It Is A Matter Of Timing

Most analysts will agree that a game's release schedule can sometimes make or break its sales. In the case of Super Mario Run, most gamers found it too repetitive and quite expensive at $9.99. According to gamers, follow up releases of other Nintendo mobile games such as Pokemon Go, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was received much better due to the free-to-play approach.

Being the first game from the company to debut on the mobile device platform, the endless runner generated substantial interest and sales. There are people who contend that Nintendo released Miitomo earlier, but it was more of a social networking app than a game. All subsequent games developed by the Japanese corporation for iOS and Android platforms were released at the same time.

Compared to other titles available from the studio, it is the only one that does not rely on micro-transactions to make money. Once installed, players can access the first few levels for free, while the rest of the content sits behind a paywall.

Research Data Supports Results

It is understandable that Super Mario Run from the App Store earns more than its Google Play counterpart. Historical data demonstrates that paid applications normally earn more on Apple's system. Reports point out that, on average, the Cupertino-based firm earns more per consumer than Google.

"We estimate that for each active Android device in the U.S. last year, approximately $38 was spent on Google Play-on and in apps-so about $20 less than iOS," shared Randy Nelson, Sensor Tower's head of mobile insights.

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