Nintendo finally gives in to consumer demand and restocks the elusive NES Classic Edition. The retro game system makes its way back on the market on June 29.

Giving Fans Another Chance

The re-release is great news for nostalgic gamers and collectors alike who were not able to grab one during its original release. Just like before, the Japanese company promises that there will be enough supplies this time around, but it will most likely still sell out quickly.

Those who are interested to grab one before the rush begins can check out retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, ThinkGeek, Best Buy, and Gamestop. Several sources report that the latter already shows that the product is in stock. Buyers can check for its availability online or in stores and hope that the inventory is not yet sold out.

Grab One While It Is Hot

Now that the original replica model makes a comeback, it seems to be a good time to start a collection. Up to this point, there are a total of two retro systems, which was released by the manufacturer. The SNES Classic Edition is not as scarce as its predecessor, so retailers normally have it available.

Among the retailers detailed above, Walmart is the only one that offered preorder slots, which quickly sold out as expected. Therefore, it is a good idea to check every once in a while to verify if the retailers already updated their systems to reflect available inventory.

To prevent resellers from taking advantage of the restock, most retailers will impose a limit of one console per customer. The Nintendo plug-and-play device remains a hot commodity among gamers and collectors as well.

Redeeming Its Mistakes

Industry experts agree that Nintendo needs to make up for the NES Classic Edition fiasco during its original launch. The company unveiled the game system in 2016 with a launch scheduled within the holiday season. Unfortunately, the company's forecast was not enough to anticipate the insane demand that followed its release.

After the initial stocks ran out, it was almost impossible to get one for the original retail price. Production was not able to keep up and it reportedly stayed that way until the following year. Moreover, it was prematurely discontinued to make way for the SNES Classic Edition, which made fans feel frustrated even more.

The re-release is a great move for the gaming firm to provide consumers with more product choices in time for the holiday.

Meanwhile, a trademark filing teases a portable version of the Nintendo 64, which is rumored to be in the works. It was speculated to debut during E3 2018 but it might have been pushed back to a later date.

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