A 13-year-old boy had to be taken to the hospital to have a phone cable removed from his penis after he inserted in himself out of curiosity. The boy cut off the head of the USB and put the cable into his genitals, which left him in extreme pain.

Curiosity Almost Killed The Boy

The teenage boy from North China, Duoduo, was taken to the local People's Hospital on June 14, after he suffered from pain in his penis. Duoduo also has blood in his urine.  Duoduo was then transferred to Harbin Children's Hospital for emergency treatment

Dr. Xu Liyan, from the Department of Urology, told the 13-year-old that the cable stuck in his penis had become twisted and tangled. Dr. Liyan continued that the cable reached as far as his bladder and that the cable was the length of 10 centimeters long. Dr. Liyan also stated that from the x-ray taken, the doctors could see where the cable was in a dead knot and that was why Duoduo could not pull it out. 

The doctors attempted to pull the cable out with lubricants but it was unsuccessful. The doctors later decided to make an incension at the point where the cable had become tangled before removing it.

The Surgeons React

"Pulling the cable out directly could have caused secondary injuries to Duoduo, therefore it was better to have the cable removed surgically. We stitched up the cut after," Dr. Liyan stated.

Duoduo, who is from Linkou in Heilongjiang Province, told doctors the reason he put the cable into his genitals was that he was curious about how it would feel after his classmates made jokes at school. Duoduo has recovered from his surgery and was discharged from the hospital in July, two weeks after the surgery.

Genital injuries can occur in men and women and can cause permanent damage and excessive bleeding. For boys and men, most genital related injuries include a straddle injury, getting the penis caught in a zipper, or a toilet seat falling on the genitals. The most common symptoms from this injury include abdominal pain, faintness, vomiting, and groin pain.

Health experts suggest never try to remove an object from the genital area on their own and if there is a lot of swelling or bleeding, contact a medical professional immediately. Ways to prevent injuries from occurring include keeping a safe environment and keep small objects away from children.  

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