Microsoft has found itself in a tight situation after Sony announced plans to launch the PlayStation 4 in China at a price lower than the Xbox One's. This has forced Microsoft to increase marketing in the country, along with cutting the price of the console to compete better with Sony's.

We understand that Microsoft is working closely with the likes of Lenovo and several Chinese electronics retailers to push the Xbox One to consumers. At the moment, customers can visit over 4,000 stores in China to experience what the Xbox One has to offer.

The aim of the American software giant is to become a strong market leader in China before Sony brings its console to the country. Since the Xbox One is the first to launch into the Chinese market, it would be embarrassing if Sony came away with the prize in a shorter amount of time.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft has opted to cut the price of the Xbox One by a little over $80 in the market. If this isn't a clear sign of the company's fear of the better performing PlayStation 4, then we don't know what is.

The Xbox One without Kinect now goes for $517, while the version with Kinect costs consumers $614. We should point out that the new price is still more expensive when compared to the upcoming PlayStation 4, so we wouldn't be surprised much if the price goes down again before or shortly after Sony steps into the market.

Sony will have to come prepared for a tough job since it is unable to launch some of its top video games in the Chinese market due to restrictions on content. This could make things harder for the Japanese giant since exclusive video games are among the main reasons one should own a PS4.

For now, Microsoft has the advantage. The Xbox One was first to market, and it comes with BesTV integration. We're not sure if this is enough to sway consumers, but we will soon find out in the months to come.

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