A woman from Tennessee was rushed to the hospital after getting multiple spider bites. The spider bites came from brown recluse spiders that were living in her apartment, unbeknownst to her.

Spider Bite Fright

Angela Wright claimed she woke up in the middle of the night when she felt pain in her arm and a couple of bumps on her chest. A couple of days after visiting the doctor and being given medication for the pain, Angela was rushed to the emergency room because she began hallucinating and her chest began to hurt.

Angela explained that she could not move nor could she swallow. Doctors informed Angela that the bumps had bubbles forming in her lungs, which would have left pneumonia if she had waited a few more hours before seeking treatment. Angela was also told that if she had waited until the morning, she would've had a stroke.

Angela now has to take blood thinners for the rest of her life since the spider bites will have a long-term effect on her health. Angela has also been advised against having children. Angela had no idea that the brown recluse spiders were living in her apartment, which she shares with her fiancee, Victoria Owen. 

The Nightmare Continues

Following this, Angela and Victoria soon discovered they had an infestation of 50 brown recluse spiders dwelling in their apartment. The management of their apartment complex sprayed their home but the spiders kept returning.

Now, Angela is trying to break her lease with the management; however, the building will not let her leave without paying a fine of $2,200 dollars and give the company a 60-day notice.

"They said the only thing they can do is give me a 60-day notice and I will have to fulfill that. 'This isn't my problem. I came here thinking this was a nice place to live," Angela stated. As of now, Angela has paid the first month that was due; however, she is no longer living in the apartment.

Angela also stated that her medical bills have also begun to pill up and she owes at least $10,000 for hospital expenses. Brown recluse spiders, one of the most dangerous spiders, release a venom when they bite a person. The venom has a neurotoxic component that can cause hallucinations, chills, fever, and possibly death.

The spiders are usually found in Western and Southern states but they can also live wherever humans dwell.

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