The Tesla Model S and the Dodge Challenger found themselves on opposite sides of a drag race, and the expected winner easily won after the quarter mile.

Tesla electric vehicles are no strangers to drag races, with the Tesla Model X beating the Lamborghini Aventador SV in a drag race last year while setting the quarter-mile record for SUVs. Does the Dodge Challenger have what it takes to beat the Tesla Model S?

Tesla Model S vs. Dodge Challenger

The Tesla Model S is a silent electric family sedan, while the Dodge Challenger is a loud muscle car. The two went up against each other in a drag race, which was captured on video by YouTube channel Wheels.

In January 2015, the Tesla Model S went head-to-head with the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. The electric vehicle handily beat the muscle car, with the Tesla Model S then setting a new world record for being the quickest and fastest production electric car.

It appears that the Dodge Challenger driver forgot about that when he challenged the Tesla Model S to a drag race. For a moment, it even looked like the Dodge Challenger could pull off the upset.

The video starts with the red Tesla Model S and the yellow Dodge Challenger rolling into their positions on the quarter-mile racing strip. When the race started, the Tesla Model S actually found itself behind due to a bad launch.

The Dodge Challenger raced ahead of the Tesla Model S off the line, but in a matter of seconds, the electric vehicle caught up and overtook the muscle car. The Tesla Model S finished the quarter-mile run in just 10.96 seconds, while the Dodge Challenger, which looked like it suffered a misfire in the middle of the run, took 14.29 seconds to complete the race.

Tesla Model S Problems

Speed has never been the problem of the Tesla Model S, especially with the appropriately named Ludicrous Mode that allows the electric vehicle to go from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds.

The Tesla Model S, however, has recently been involved in a series of accidents involving Autopilot, the company's semi-autonomous driving feature. In May, two separate incidents saw the Tesla Model S crash into the back of a firetruck in Utah and into a parked police SUV in California while Autopilot was engaged.

However, for drivers who prefer to be in control of their vehicles, the Tesla Model S should satisfy their cravings for speed.

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