A newlywed bride is devastated by the sudden and unexpected death of her new husband. The couple was four days into their honeymoon when the groom, unaware of the illness, died from lung cancer.

A Short Honeymoon

Alan Simms met his future bride, Aimee, in 2011. Aimee recalled meeting Alan and claimed she knew "right away" that he was the man for her. Alan proposed to Aimee while the two vacationed together in Lanzarote, one of the Canary islands. The couple married in May of this year and went on their honeymoon to Cape Verde a few days after.

In the first two days of the honeymoon, Aimee and Alan were relaxing and exploring the island. On the third day, Aimee enjoyed her alone time by the pool while Alan called his mother to tell her about the "wonderful" time they were having. A few hours after Alan got off the phone, he informed Aimee that he was very tired and needed sleep. During dinner, Aimee said that Alan was unusually quiet and wanted to go back to sleep after eating.

At midnight, Alan began experiencing stomach pains and became ill, leading Aimee to call an emergency nurse at 4 a.m. The nurse suggested that Alan had food poisoning and gave him pain relief. The nurse also told Alan to go to the medical clinic in the morning for further testing.

Things Take A Turn For The Worse

Aimee stated that Alan was so weak when they arrived at the clinic and doctors struggled to monitor his vitals. Aimee tried to reassure her husband that he had a "bad belly" but Alan continued to deteriorate and the doctors had to remove Aimee from to room to perform CPR on Alan.

An hour went by, Aimee was asked to go into a room with the doctors, where they informed her that Alan had died and they did all they could do for him. A post-mortem found that Alan did not die from any stomach-related illness but actually lung cancer.

"I just can't understand it. In the space of 12 hours, he had gone from being fine and dandy to ­having died. He didn't have any signs of cancer. It was horrible," Aimee stated.

Alan, who was from West Yorkshire and a gardener, had a benign tumor that was found when he was 19-years-old. He was also described as being fit and healthy. Aimee was forced to fly home without her husband, whose body arrived two days later. A wake was held for Alan at Churwell WMC, where he regularly attended.

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