The Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, Washington University (IMHE) has released new data that showed which countries have the highest and lowest cases of cancer.

The top three countries with the highest incidences of cancer were Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, while India ranked number ten on the list of countries that have the lowest cases of cancer.

Cancer Across The World

The scientists who conducted the study collected data from 195 countries and produced information that showed which countries suffered from the 29 types of cancer. The information was based on data collected in 2016. The IMHE presents the Global Burden of Diseases Study every September.

In 2016, there were a reported number of 106.6 per 100,000 people, new cases involving cancer in India. Four other Southeastern countries that were listed in the category for the lowest amount of incidences involving cancer were Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka with the number of incidences reportedly being 86, 90.7, and 101.6 respectively. 

The country Syria made the number one spot for the lowest cancer-related cases and the lowest mortality rates. Syria was reported to have 85.0 per 100,000 cases. Following Syria, the countries of Bhutan (86.0),  Algeria (86.7), Nepal (90.7), and Oman (94.9) made the top four in the list of countries with the lowest cancer levels.

Other countries that were reported to have some of the highest new cancer cases in 2016 were Norway (446.1), United Kingdom (438.6), Ireland (429.7) and Denmark (421.7).

Top Cancer Killers

The researchers of the study noted that the biggest cancer "killers" were lung cancer, bowel cancer, and stomach cancer. Meanwhile, the most common forms of cancer to be reported were breast cancer, lung cancer, and bowel cancer. 

Certain contributing factors that may cause a person to have cancer are smoking and a poor diet, according to the researchers. The researchers also noted that despite these new findings, the actual figure regarding the actual amount of cancer-related cases remains staggering. 

How To Prevent Cancer From Happening

Scientists involved in the study also shared that lung cancer, skin cancer, and colon cancer, which are lifestyle-related cancers, have drastically increased globally over the past decade.

Dr. Christina Fitzmaurice stated that while lung, skin, and colon cancer are increasing over the past decade is concerning, how to prevent this from happening is more important.

"Vital prevention efforts such as tobacco control, dietary interventions, and broader health promotion campaigns need to be scaled up in response to this rise in lifestyle-related cancers," she continued

The report was published by JAMA Oncology.  

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