The Next 'Hearthstone' Expansion Is The Boomsday Project: Here's What We Know About It So Far


The next Hearthstone expansion is The Boomsday Project, which already looks insane through the few cards and mechanics that have been revealed.

It remains to be seen whether The Boomsday Project will include a card as format-warping as Shudderwock from The Witchwood expansion. Hearthstone players will not have to wait long, though, as the set will be released in less than a month.

The Boomsday Project: New 'Hearthstone' Cards On The Way

The Boomsday Project will introduce 135 new Hearthstone cards, with new mechanics that may shake up the digital card game. The expansion features a science and research facility run by Dr. Boom, the powerful legendary from the Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion.

The next Hearthstone expansion will come with a few new mechanics, first of which is the Magnetic keyword. Minions with the keyword such as Spider Bomb, a 3-cost 2/2 Hunter minion with a Deathrattle ability to destroy a random enemy minion, will be able to combine with other mechs, similar to how Zombeasts work.

The expansion will also come with Omega minions that receive powerful upgrades when the player has 10 mana crystals. For example, Omega Defender, a 4-cost 2/6 generic minion with Taunt, comes with a Battlecry ability that gives it an additional 10 attack when the player has 10 mana crystals.

The Boomsday Project will feature nine new legendary spells, one of which is the 5-cost Rogue spell Myra's Unstable Element, which allows the player to draw all the cards in their deck.

Hearthstone will also receive a new single-player mode named The Puzzle Lab, which will launch two weeks after the expansion's release. It will come with more than 100 puzzles, including Survival puzzles that will require players to live through a certain number of turns and Lethal puzzles that will require players to figure out how to kill their opponents from a given board state.

The Boomsday Project Release Date

The official announcement video for the next Hearthstone expansion revealed The Boomsday Project release date of Aug. 7, which means that the 135 new Hearthstone cards will be added to the game in less than a month.

Gamers who are looking forward to know more of the cards included in the expansion, however, will not have to wait that long. Card reveal live streams will start on July 23, which is in less than two weeks.

Blizzard will again offer a $50 preorder bundle for 50 Boomsday Project packs, which will come with a free golden legendary and the Mecha-Jaraxxus card back. In addition, there will be an $80 pre-order bundle that will come with 80 Boomsday Project packs, a free golden legendary, the Mecha-Jaraxxus card back, and the Mecha-Jaraxxus Warlock hero skin.

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