Android P Name May Have Been Leaked By Huawei


The real name of Android P has not yet been revealed, but it appears that a Huawei customer service representative may have beaten Google to the punch.

Google has released Android P beta versions, revealing new features such as gesture navigation and an adaptive battery system. The name of the next major version of the mobile operating system, however, has been kept under wraps.

What Will Android P Be Called?

The Polish support division of Huawei may have leaked the long awaited Android P name, which is still unknown despite its second-to-last developer preview being released earlier this month.

The Android P name slipped when a customer was asking a customer service representative on when his Huawei P9 Lite mini will be receiving the Android 8.0 Oreo upgrade. The representative, who decided to give a comprehensive response on the software support plans for the smartphone, referred to Android P as Android Pistachio.

Polish blog Tabletwo has screenshots of the correspondence between the customer and the Huawei representative, and sure enough, the Android Pistachio name is mentioned. Is this really the Android P name?

Android P Name Rumors

The Android Pistachio name has previously surfaced in a February report by Bloomberg, though the claimed name was Android Pistachio Ice Cream. It was said that Google engineers were internally referring to the operating system by that name.

Android Pistachio Ice Cream actually makes more sense than simply Android Pistachio, as the former is a dessert, similar to the names of previous Android versions, whereas the latter is a nut. The Huawei representative may have shortened the name for simplicity, though it is also possible that the employee was also just speculating. In addition, if it is really an internal codename, it is very possible that Google will change Android Pistachio Ice Cream upon the operating system upgrade's release.

Other rumored names for Android P include Android Pineapple Pie, taken from a clue in an online game that revealed the data and location of this year's I/O developer conference, and Android Popsicle, based on a wallpaper that Google uploaded to Instagram.

There is also no official Android P release date yet, but given the mobile operating system's history, it is expected to launch within the third quarter, more specifically by the end of summer. Android fans will only likely have to wait several more weeks before the Android P name is unveiled, but that should not stop the speculations from coming in.

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