Microsoft Edge For iOS And Android Gets Built-In Ad Blocker


Microsoft has integrated an ad blocker right inside its Edge browser for Android and iOS. The company made the update available for its beta users over the weekend in addition to launching an iOS test program.

Microsoft plans to roll out the feature more broadly to all Edge users on both mobile platforms soon. It comes standard with the updated app too — no need to download and install anything.

Microsoft Partners With Adblock Plus For An Edgier Edge Browser

To bring this feature to its mobile app, Microsoft partnered with Adblock Plus directly. While the more recent versions of Google's Chrome browser also feature built-in ad blockers, the functionalities are somewhat tame, and most ads on a number of sites don't really get blocked. Mozilla, on the other hand, also boasts a built-in ad blocker on Firefox, but it's only activated during in-private tab sessions. As The Verge notes, Microsoft's ad block solution seems to be the most aggressive out of all aforementioned options, at least on mobile.

To date, 5 million people and counting have downloaded Edge on Android. It's not clear how many iOS folks are using Edge, though, but it seems the browser is a top priority among Microsoft's current projects for mobile.

Android Beta Closed For Now

The Android beta is closed to new users, unfortunately, so other users might have to wait at least until Microsoft opens the program again — or perhaps it will remain closed because an official release date is in the offing. In any case, make sure to download the latest version of Edge in hopes that the feature will be added to the final release soon.

The move comes years after Microsoft denied reports about Edge having a native ad blocker, and it puts Microsoft in the anti-ad bandwagon along with Apple, which recently announced a war on digital fingerprinting via the upcoming macOS Mojave. The updated operating system includes a new version of Safari that limits the ability of sites to acquire sensitive user information. Even more notable is the fact that Microsoft is implementing the feature into mobile, which is now believed to be the most used platform for casual internet browsing rather than full-fledged computers.

Microsoft Edge is now available on iOS and Android. Make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more about Microsoft's plans. In the meantime, feel free to sound off in the comments section below if you have any thoughts about ad blocking!

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