A young father’s life was saved by the quick thinking and action of his 3-year-old daughter who immediately called for help when he suddenly had a stroke. What could have happened if the young girl had not called for help as quickly as she did?

Stroke On The Fourth Of July

On July 4, 27-year-old Trevor McCabe was with his children when he suddenly collapsed and began convulsing. Immediately, 3-year-old daughter Molly used her father’s iPhone to FaceTime her mother Devon, who is a nurse at Winchester Medical Center’s neurointensive care unit.

Though Devon missed Molly’s first call, the young girl made another one about 15 minutes later, and this time her mother was able to answer. Molly was crying when her mother answered the call and she told her mother to look at the daddy. She then moved the phone to show Devon that Trevor was convulsing on the floor of the family home.

Certain that something had gone wrong, Devon assured Molly that she would come home, called neighbors who then went over to their home, and then called 911. Trevor was rushed to the hospital to receive initial medication, and was then airlifted to another hospital for an emergency surgery.

Fast Recovery

Evidently, Trevor suffered a stroke that resulted from a blood clot to his basilur artery. After doctors successfully administered a treatment that broke the blood clot, on July 5, the young father underwent surgery to remove a part of his skull so as to allow for swelling and recovery.

As it turns out, Trevor has a rare condition wherein there is a hole in the heart that did not close since infancy, and this has made him more prone to strokes.

In the latest update on his recovery, he is said to be off the ventilator and continues to recover quickly, even if he is having difficulties in speaking, swallowing, and controlling his movements. In fact, his quick recovery has allowed him to move out of the bed and onto the chair.

Quick Intervention

According to Devon, doctors informed her that over 85 percent of people who suffer the same stroke as Trevor die, as it affects the part of the brain that controls certain vital functions like breathing. Apparently, the reason that Trevor was able to survive and recover, is because of the quick intervention that was a result of their 3-year-old daughter’s quick thinking.

Devon told local news that she did not even know that her daughter knew how to use FaceTime, but perhaps had quickly picked up how to make a call because they do so every other day to talk to the children’s grandparents. She further describes Molly as a mature 3-year-old and jokes that Molly was even able to keep her 2-year-old sister alive during the ordeal.

Family members and peers have started an online GoFundMe page for the family to help with their medical bills, and Trevor’s employers are also reportedly planning to host a fundraiser for them.

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