The Xbox Adaptive Controller is designed for gamers with disabilities, so it makes sense that Microsoft also made sure that its packaging will be accessible for people with physical impairments.

The groundbreaking device will not come in the traditional box. Instead, it will be sold in packaging that took Microsoft a year to create.

The Packaging Of The Xbox Adaptive Controller

Regular controllers usually come in boxes that are sealed with packing tape, with wires held together by twist ties. The Xbox Adaptive Controller is not a regular controller though, so Microsoft ensured that its packaging was also special.

Shipping the Xbox Adaptive Controller in traditional packaging that would be difficult for gamers with disabilities to open will defeat the device's purpose. Microsoft consulted the testers who helped it develop the controller over its packaging, taking into consideration that some disabled gamers will use their teeth to open boxes.

"We wanted something that had multiple access points," said Microsoft packaging designer Mark Weiser. "We learned loops were an important component factor. If you have low dexterity, you can get your appendage in a loop and get leverage."

The result is packaging for the Xbox Adaptive Controller that features loops, different access points, levers, hinges, and ribbons that make it as easy as possible to get the device out of its box. The outermost packaging will have a loop that can be peeled away, revealing the main box. There will be tape at the side, and once removed, will reveal a strap that may be lifted to take out the controller.

Microsoft has been testing the design over the past year with gamers with different disabilities, to make sure that the Xbox Adaptive Controller packaging is as accessible as possible. While disabled gamers may have family members or caretakers who can help the, unbox the controller, it is much more rewarding if they are able to do it on their own.

"We wanted to deliver an empowering unboxing experience," Weiser said.

Xbox Adaptive Controller Release Date

Microsoft revealed the Xbox Adaptive Controller at E3 2018, with the controller for disabled gamers featuring two large programmable buttons and 19 jacks to improve the accessibility of playing video games on the Xbox One and PC.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller will launch in September with a price tag of $99.99. There is no specific release date yet for the new Xbox One controller, but the groundbreaking device will surely be a hit once it rolls out.

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