Microsoft’s Accessibility Controller For Xbox Leaks Ahead Of E3


Images of Microsoft's alleged specialized controller for accessibility users have now hit the internet ahead of the company's E3 conference, where it was most likely planning to announce it.

The controller was designed with the handicapped in mind. As such, it features two oversized A and B pads, a regular-sized d-pad, and the usual Xbox button and navigation controls. The leaked image comes from Twitter user WalkingCat.

Windows Central reports that Microsoft will give the controller a proper unveiling at E3.

Microsoft's New Accessibility Controller

It's hard to determine exactly how the controller will be able to accommodate various types of handicapped players, but according to speculation, those A and B pads are purportedly programmable. A row of inputs at the top can also be seen, presumably for connecting to other devices and mapping controls further. A USB port and a headphone jack are also built into the controller for much easier access. The device appears to sport the same LED design above the d-pad found on the redesigned Xbox One Elite controller, which was leaked back in January. As Engadget notes, that original version of the Elite controller was a boon for many disabled gamers given that it was highly customizable, and its parts were easy to remove and replace.

Microsoft is holding its keynote on June 10 for this year's E3, so perhaps more news about this controller will surface as the event nears.

If the leaked images turn out to be accurate, then handicapped players have something to celebrate about. Microsoft has increasingly been giving consideration to players who might need more accessibility features, and this controller serves as the latest example of its commitment to making sure gaming remains an inclusive pastime. As one can imagine, many games require precise and skillful maneuvering of controls, but sometimes these mechanisms present a number of problems for people who are not typically abled. As a result, they're often easily beaten when it comes to fast-paced games.

Gaming Controllers For The Disabled

A handful of charities such as AbleGamers have created custom controllers to help all types of gamers enjoy titles to the fullest, and it also modifies existing peripherals to allow people to control games by using only their mouths, eyes, and other parts of the body.

Make sure to check back with Tech Times for coverage of Microsoft's E3 event. Thoughts about the accessibility controller? Do you think other gaming companies should follow suit? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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