Pokémon GO Rumored To Have Big ‘Gen 4’ Evolution Event Soon


Despite the gloom and doom stories, Pokémon GO is going strong and actually still has a sizable audience even to this day.

While it will never experience a repeat of its heydays — at one point, hordes and hordes of people gathered in cities just to get a rare Pokémon — it's still nice to see that Niantic and The Pokémon Company continue to add new things to reinvigorate the overall experience.

Pokémon GO Gen 4 Update

Something new is apparently coming soon, as per a Reddit user. Remember when it was leaked a long while back that a Water Festival was going to happen? Well, the one who leaked that info is the same one that's now saying there will be an "Evolution Event" supposedly arriving as early as next week, which will apparently serve as the official kickoff event for Gen 4 monsters in the game.

According to the leaker, Gen 4 evolutions of previous-generation Pokémon are coming, including Magmortar, Electrivire, and Rhyperior. New evolution items are also set to arrive, including elemental stones.

A couple of changes are also set to occur, including double XP for evolving and spinning Pokéstops, max storage being increased to 2,000, increased rate of evolution items from Pokéstops, increased spawn rate of evolving Pokémon, and Gen 3 evolutions being released in the wild.

There will also new quests that have evolution items as rewards, new raids with previous evolution item Pokémon, and new shop boxes with lucky eggs and raid passes.

Moreover, there will also be an update before the event officially hits.

Evaluating The 'Pokémon GO' Evolution Event Leak

There are about two dozen Gen 4 Pokémon that are evolutions of previous-generation ones, and supposing the event is real, it's hard to imagine they'll all going to make appearances, as Niantic has been pretty stingy about adding many Pokémon all at once. Still, a fair chunk of them would probably make their way over.

The addition of evolution stones, however, is a bit of a stretch, since it seems like the concept is far too late at this point.

The biggest gripe with this new leak is that it's too good to be true. Most events don't even carry that many changes, opportunities, and activities all in one go. It just seems there's a lot going to be added, considering it's a surprise event.

That being said, the addition of Gen 4 Pokémon has been a long time coming, and if Niantic is indeed debuting an Evolution Event next week, it should be a massive hit, no doubt.

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