Players who are thinking about trolling other players in Fallout 76 may want to reconsider, as the game will implement a system that will punish griefers.

When it was revealed at E3 2018 that the next entry in the Fallout franchise will be an online game, there were already concerns that Fallout 76 will be filled with players who will make the experience worse for others.

Apparently, Bethesda thought about that too and crafted a way to deal with the problem before the game is launched.

Fallout 76 Griefers Will Become Wanted Murderers

 At the game's QuakeCon 2018 panel, Fallout 76 game director Todd Howard said that player vs. player in the online game will start with a player shooting another player and dealing a little bit of damage. Howard compared this to slightly slapping a person to see if they want to fight.

The other player may choose to ignore the slap or engage in player vs. player combat with the damage being brought back to normal levels. Griefing is when a player proceeds with fighting and killing another player for no reason.

Bethesda will deal with Fallout 76 griefers in a unique way. Players who kill unwilling victims will receive bounties placed on their heads and will be marked on the map with a red star. These trolls, meanwhile, will not be able to see where other players are on the map, so they would not know if the players hunting them are already around the corner.

The money that will be awarded to whoever eliminates a Fallout 76 troll will be taken out of their total cap balance. The reward, of course, will be higher for trolls with higher in-game levels.

What Else Did We Learn About 'Fallout 76?'

The QuakeCon 2018 panel also revealed that there will be a revenge mechanic in Fallout 76. Players will be able to get double rewards for taking down the player that killed them. Meanwhile, the game will balance things when players engage opponents with much higher levels.

When players die in Fallout 76, they will not lose their equipped weapons and armor. However, they will drop all the junk that they are carrying, which is the resource that is used for crafting. Players will be allowed to return to where they died to retrieve the junk, though it would be wiser to stash the resource in camp or in certain locations around the world.

Players will also be able to respawn in any location that they have unlocked. Respawning in the closest point to where the player died or at Vault 76 will be free while other places will cost points.

It was previously revealed that there will be no Fallout 76 cross-play for consoles and that the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. will already include the full game.

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