Samsung Still Wants To Create The World’s First Foldable Smartphone


Samsung has reconfirmed that it wants to be the first manufacturer to launch a foldable smartphone and added that it would not be the Galaxy 10.

while speaking to the press on the sidelines of a Galaxy Note 9 event, Koh Dong-jin, president of the South Korean company, said the firm is focusing on developing innovations that will be accepted and loved by its consumers.

"We focus on innovations that consumers really like and accept rather than being the first in the world, but we do not want to lose the first [position] in foldable phones," Koh said.

First Foldable Smartphone In The Market

In 2016, the CEO and president of Samsung already alluded the idea to release a foldable smartphone. It was said that the model has been in its development stage with a commercial launch in mind for the future.

In January this year, the company had stated that it was planning to launch the product in 2018 but will release it commercially when it is ready. It has been postponed again to 2019.

 "I would like to hear that Samsung Electronics built it properly when it puts a foldable phone on the market," Koh added.

Meanwhile, Samsung's biggest competitors such as LG, Apple, and Huawei have all reported that they are preparing to introduce a foldable smartphone as well. As a matter of fact, Huawei is racing with Samsung in creating the world's first foldable smartphone.

Samsung's Future Plans

Furthermore, Koh stated that the launch of the foldable phone is not far away and the company has passed many challenges in its durability and quality.

 "We wouldn't have started [the project] if it was a going to be a one-time thing," he added.

This makes people believe that the foldable device will be the first of a series of smartphones. Additionally, the company's president has also denied rumors that Samsung is currently combining the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series.

Next year, mobile carriers will be releasing the 5G smartphone. Although it is yet unclear whether it will be the first-ever foldable smartphone, Koh confirmed that its first 5G phone will not be the Galaxy S10, adding that it is going to be a separate model.

Apart from the first 5G phone, the company is preparing for other devices to offer to its consumers. Samsung is an all-around electronics company that manufactures multiple devices and the company intends to use this edge to set them apart from their competitors.

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