Google is not a stranger to AI technology. Now, the company is getting into fitness and health with Google Coach.

Although the name is still not final, Google already has many plans for the device. The fitness and health coach platform will be capable of recommending healthy eating habits and workout routines. Google will also be using its database to provide information.

The wearable gadget will be using Wear OS, formerly known as Android Wear. It is also possible that a companion app will deliver some fitness and health monitoring services that it offers.

Amazing Features Of Google Coach

According to Android Project, the device has an internal codename, Project Wooden. The heath-centric device can even recommend alternative workouts for its users to make up for missed workouts. If its users are in the gym, the gadget can record the activity and use the same data for future suggestions.

One of the device's most notable features is it can monitor its user's nutrition and even plan their meals for them. The Google Coach can propose the meal plans on a weekly basis. Those who prefer going out for food will also love the app as it can recommend restaurants based on the current location of the users.

Because of its many features, the Google Coach might worry its future users because of notification overload. However, Google has already thought of a solution to the problem by using the conversational type of notifications.

Instead of notifying each update such as getting daily steps, taking medications, or drinking more water individually, users will get one notification that integrates all the suggestions. The adjusted pop-ups will prevent the notifications from clogging up the screen.

Wearable Gadgets

The smartwatch has become popular over the years. One of the cons of the device, however, is it consumes power quickly even by just texting, viewing notifications, or even just checking the weather. In fact, the Apple Watch even needs to be charged every night.

Furthermore, the minimal displays of the gadget do not make it suitable to perform tasks that are similar to the smartphone with the same effectivity. This has even driven some services to pull out their apps for the Apple Watch.

Now, manufacturers are leaning toward using the devices just for monitoring sleep patterns, health, mood, fitness, and many more. If Google pulls off the device, techies might finally get a perfect wearable gadget.

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