PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds To Leave Xbox One Game Preview In September: Here's What To Expect From PUBG 1.0


After a long wait, critically acclaimed battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will make its transition from an early-access beta to a full product in Xbox One.

PUBG, which made a full release in Windows last December, will be unveiled as an official product to Xbox One users on Sept. 4. Prior to the update, Xbox users were only allowed to access the video game in beta mode.

Users who will acquire the physical version is set to receive the Xbox #1.0/99 DLC. The Xbox #1.0/99 DLC encompasses an exclusive Xbox-styled clothing and equipment.

Extensive New Features

The PUBG 1.0 update also comes with the inclusion of new features that were previously only available to PUBG players on PC. Among those include the addition of Sanhok to the game. Sanhok, which was inspired by islands across Southeast Asia, is a 4x4 compact battleground. 

Sanhok will also offer users new weapons and vehicles in addition to the launching of dynamic weather changes. The Sanhok map, which was made available for PC users this June, will be introducing in-game currencies in Xbox One, which can be spent in buying cosmetic pieces and Event Pass: Sanhok. The Event Pass: Sanhok can be appropriated in unlocking more levels, more missions, and constant rewards on the Sanhok map. 

PUBG, which made the battle royale shooter genre famous, will also be geared with a war mode and a team deathmatch mode wherein teams battle each other to accumulate a certain score. The team deathmatch mode will likewise be fortified with respawns and teammate reviving. 

To accomplish a 100 percent completion rate, the PUBG 1.0 will also share an achievement list with the game's previous update to ensure that players will not lose their progress. The game is hoping to return to the top of the food chain after Fortnite stole its drumfire earlier this year. PUBG achieved wide success on the Steam PC platform wherein it was adopted in beta in spite of a myriad of bugs. 

PUBG Xbox One Controllers

Meanwhile, Microsoft will release a PUBG limited edition Xbox One controller, which is energized with new and exclusive trigger grips and a digital camouflage style. The controller, which will hit the stores on Oct. 30, is also decked with a matching PUBG DLC feature. The controller is now available for preorder for $69.99.

Elsewhere, PUBG Corp. announced the "Fix PUBG" campaign to make the game fairer, better, and more stable for its users. Additionally, players were also able to find a way to run apples and smoke grenades on test servers. 

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