Hangovers last longer than most people think, according to a new study, so people may want to avoid drinking if something important is coming up soon.

Getting over a hangover is apparently not just about treating the physical effects, as there are also cognitive effects that are experienced the day after drinking alcohol.

Hangovers Last Longer Than You Think

Hangovers may last longer than the next day after drinking, according to researchers from the University of Bath.

In a study published in the Addiction journal, the researchers revealed that even if there is little to no alcohol left in the bloodstreams of people who drank the night before, they still suffer negative cognitive effects.

"We found that hangover impaired psychomotor speed, short and long term memory and sustained attention. Impaired performance in these abilities reflects poorer concentration and focus, decreased memory and reduced reaction time the day after an evening of heavy drinking," said Craig Gunn, the lead author of the study.

According to the researchers, the findings of the study have important implications to activities that people perform after drinking. For example, people may wait until they think alcohol is no longer in their system before they drive home, by waiting for the physical effects of a hangover to wear off. However, the results of the new study suggest that these people may still be suffering from cognitive impairments at the time, so they should not be behind the wheel.

The researchers also raised the issue of employees going to work the day after drinking. While they may be able to get through the day, people should know how hangovers will affect their performance at work. Companies may also want to also take a look at their policies on alcohol intoxication to consider the next-day effects of drinking.

Best Cure For Hangover

The physical effects of a hangover include headaches, nausea, and fatigue. It would be wise to assume that people who do not experience these physical effects will also not suffer from the cognitive effects of drinking too much alcohol.

There are various tips online on how to prevent hangovers, including staying hydrated, eating before drinking, and avoiding certain types of alcohol. There is also research being done on a hangover pill that will cure the symptoms, with promising early results.

However, the best way to prevent or cure hangovers remains not to drink alcohol in the first place, especially with a recently released global study that there is no such thing as a safe amount of alcohol.

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