A new batch of iPhones is likely to be unwrapped by Cupertino-based corporation Apple in the second week of September.

Multiple sources within the industry told Bloomberg that the upcoming iPhones will be a renewed version of the iPhone X, which will feature a 5.8-inch OLED screen, a dashing iPhone with a 6.5-inch OLED display, and a cheaper version with a 6.1-inch LCD screen. The source added that the two superior devices will be girded with a dual-sim capability in some regions.

Bloomberg's report added that the new iPhone versions will be dubbed as the "S" model, which is an appellation the company has given to new devices that maintain previous designs but with upgraded internal peripherals. All three devices are expected to exhibit new gesture controls and Face ID.

Gene Munster, a seasoned Apple analyst and partner of Loup Ventures, said that the new iPhones will help Apple get back on track. Apple shares increased less than 1 percent to $217.24 in New York. Overall, the California-based company has accumulated a 35 percent gain in stocks through Friday's closing.

"The iPhone is entering a period of 0-to-5 percent annual growth, and the things they're doing this fall will keep them on that path," Munster projected.

In 2016, Apple Inc. revealed that it has reached a breakthrough of 1 billion active devices. It later grew to 1.3 billion earlier this year.

Upcoming iPhones Has Superior Features

Reports say that one iPhone will look exactly the same as the iPhone X but with internal upgrades that include a heightened processor and an improved camera. The 5.8-inch version is internally dubbed as the D32.

Meanwhile, the 6.1-inch model, which will be highlighted with aluminum edges, will come in diversified colors such as blue, red, white, orange, and gray. It will also have a cost-efficient LCD screen instead of an OLED panel to keep the price affordable.

On the other hand, the high-end 6.5-inch iPhone, which is recognized as the D33, is fueled with stainless steel edges and dual cameras on the back. Unlike any other iPhone, the D33 is anticipated to let users view content side-by-side in applications such as Calendar and Mail.

"Having a bigger screen is always a plus for demand," Munster reiterated.

It will also mark as Apple's second phone that will feature an organic light-emitting diode. Apart from iPhones, Apple has also been working on AirPods, AirPower wireless chargers, an intensified iPad Pro and an Apple Watch.

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