Microblogging site Twitter hopes to make the platform more conversational as it plans to roll out threaded conversations and status indicators.

Jack Dorsey, the chief executive officer of Twitter, wrote in a tweet on Friday that the site will soon obtain eye-catching updates. Previously, the company tested a feature that gives users suggestions on what account they might want to unfollow.

"Playing with some new Twitter features: presence (who else is on Twitter right now?) and threading (easier to read convos)," Dorsey said.

New Features To Provide More Visibility

Among the peripherals that were tested earlier this week included reply threading, which displays sectioned replies to a tweet in a color-coded plot. Presently, Twitter enables its users to view all the primary replies to a tweet and lets them click through to see individual responses and threads.

Apart from the reply threading component, Twitter also examined the status indicator integral, which enables users to see the availability of someone in the site. The status indicator will come in the shape of a green dot located near the profile picture of the user, which is similar to Facebook.

Sarah Haider, the director for product management, reiterated that the online status indicators serve as a signal that the user is online and is seeking a conversation. Haider added that both features are expected to make Twitter more conversational.

"Hey Twitter. We've been playing with some rough features to make it feel more conversational here. Presence and reply threading. Still early and iterating on these ideas. Thoughts?" Haider said.

Online Status Indicators Worries Other Users

However, not everyone was elated with Twitter's online status indicators, citing that they are worried about followers seeing them online. Twitter user Staci D. Kramer suggested that the site needs to include opt-in options should it decide to implement the feature. Nonetheless, Kramer praised Twitter's reply threading feature by describing it as promising and a big improvement.

Last month, the social networking site deployed significant API changes to end common third-party application features. The microblogging platform also started to clean up their site by removing accounts operated by bots and shadowy users.

In related news, Twitter likewise launched a request tab and a quality filter for direct messages a few weeks ago. In addition, the company explained that the requests can be sorted out to make it paltrier for users to see only relevant messages.

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