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Twitter Will Soon Explain Why ‘This Tweet Is Unavailable’

Twitter will soon offer more context for unavailable tweets. Also, it plans to roll out new profile picture icons that indicate the original author and tagged users to avoid spam replies.

Internet July 21, 2019

Twitter Is Hiring A ‘Tweeter In Chief’ Who Actually Uses And Understands Twitter

Twitter often doesn’t know to communicate properly and efficiently with its audience. So, it’s hiring someone who actually know how to use Twitter and understands what it’s for.

Apps/Software May 29, 2019

If You Retweet Something, You Can Now Add Pictures, Videos, Or GIFs Along With It

Twitter’s update retweet function now lets you add images, videos, and GIFs to retweets. It looks terrible on the desktop version, though, which hopefully gets fixed soon.

Apps/Software May 7, 2019

Swipe To Like? Twitter Is Working On That, Plus A Bunch Of Other Things

Twitter may soon be getting swiping gestures. The company’s prototype app Twttr has just received the functionality, in which users can swipe to like a tweet.

Apps/Software April 12, 2019

Twitter Cuts Maximum Follows In A Day From 1,000 To 400

Twitter users are now limited to following 400 people in a day in a move to crack down on spammers, down from the previous 1,000. Some are asking why Twitter chose this number, however.

Apps/Software April 9, 2019

Twitter Tests New Labeling System To Distinguish An ‘Author’ From ‘Mentioned’ Tweets

As part of a test, Twitter is adding three new label called 'Author,' 'Mentioned,' and 'Following' to make following conversations easier. The Author label replaces the previous 'Original Tweeter' tag.

Apps/Software April 6, 2019

Twitter Is Getting An Even Darker Dark Mode Called ‘Lights Out’

Twitter knows some apps with Dark Mode aren’t using a true black background. So it’s rolling out a new 'lights out' option for those who want a truly dark mode.

Apps/Software March 29, 2019

Twitter Will Soon Let You Subscribe To Conversations

Twitter users might soon be able to follow threads of interest without necessarily replying to or liking them. The unearthed option comes as the latest in the flood of changes recently seen from Twitter.

Apps/Software March 16, 2019

There Might Soon Be A ‘Hide Tweet’ Option On Twitter

Twitter has confirmed that it’s working on a feature that lets users hide certain replies. Some, however, have expressed concern that the option might lead to censorship.

Internet March 1, 2019

Twitter Might Soon Allow People To Edit Tweets, But There’s A Catch

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey offered some suggestions as to how an edit button on Twitter would work. He said there might be a limited editing period and that users might be able to see a tweet’s original version.

Internet February 4, 2019

Twitter Tests 'Original Tweeter' Label To Tag Users Who Start A Thread

Twitter tests a new update that helps users figure out who started a thread. The 'Original Tweeter' label will now appear beside a username, though only a limited number of users can see it for now.

Apps/Software January 25, 2019

Twitter For Web Gets A Redesign: Simplified View, Emoji Button, And More

Twitter’s desktop version is getting a makeover. The micro-blogging site just rolled out an update that has new features such as keyboard shortcuts and an emoji button.

Apps/Software January 23, 2019

Twitter To Test Status Updates, ‘Ice Breaker’ Tweets With Thousands Of Users

Twitter needs to spark healthy conversations. Which is why it’s letting thousands of users test new features such as status updates and ice breaker tweets, which will do just that.

Apps/Software January 9, 2019

New Twitter Features Being Tested: Threaded Replies And Online Status Indicator

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and product head Sara Haider tested the microblogging platform's 'Threaded Replies' and 'Online Status Indicator' features on Friday. Haider mentioned that the said features are set to make Twitter more conversational.

Apps/Software September 3, 2018

Twitter Cuts Off Support For Devices Running iOS 9 And Older

Twitter is ending support for iOS 9 devices and older, which means they won’t get any further updates moving forward. Twitter claimed development for newer systems are easier if it cuts off older versions from the support list.

Apps/Software August 24, 2018

Twitter Introduces Major Changes That’ll Bring Users Closer To Breaking News, Live Events, And More

Twitter is where millions of people first get their news from. Aware of its crucial role, the company is introducing major changes to the way it delivers those stories, ensuring its users are well informed at all times.

Apps/Software June 14, 2018

Twitter Reportedly Working On A New Feature To Rival Snapchat

In a bid to lure in more advertisers, Twitter is reportedly going to launch a feature similar to the Discover tab on Snapchat. The move will also play a key role in attracting younger audiences.

Apps/Software March 15, 2018

Twitter Rolls Out New ‘Bookmarks’ Feature For Saving Tweets Privately

Twitter has now rolled out a better way of saving tweets. With the new Bookmarks feature, users no longer have to like or manually save a tweet, they can just keep it in their private stash.

Apps/Software March 1, 2018

Twitter Shuts Down Mac Desktop Client, Says It’s Focusing On More Consistent ‘Twitter Experience’ Across Platforms

Twitter just ended support for its desktop client on Mac, encouraging users to use the web version instead. It’s safe to say that it won’t be missed, though.

Apps/Software February 17, 2018

You Can Now Tweet Up To 280 Characters As Twitter Rolls Out Expanded Tweet Limit Worldwide

Twitter has finally enabled the new 280-character tweet limit for most users around the world, with a few key exceptions. The social network said the expansion will allow users to express themselves better.

Apps/Software November 8, 2017

Twitter Will Finally Update Its App For Mac But No Date On Its Release Just Yet

Twitter is refreshing its Mac app with a brand new dark theme option and a slew of other features, including the in-line viewing of Vine clips and sending of photos via DM. The rollout, however, hasn't been given an expected ship date.

Apps/Software October 23, 2015

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