Final 'Doom II' Secret Discovered After 24 Years, Ending The Agony For Completionists


The final Doom II secret has finally been found, 24 years after the iconic first-person shooter was first released for MS-DOS computers in 1994.

Doom fans who have long wanted to attain 100 percent completion in the second game of the series will now be able to do so, more than two decades after Doom II was rolled out.

The Last 'Doom II' Secret Finally Found

The final Doom II secret was long considered a bug, because gamers thought that it was impossible to trigger without resorting to tampering with the game's files.

Doom II completionists know about a teleporter on Map 15 that is displayed as a secret. However, when players try to trigger it, nothing happens. Nobody has figured out how to trigger the teleporter to access the last of the 10 secret areas in the Industrial Zone, until now.

Zero Master, a speedrunner, uploaded a YouTube video on how to trigger the teleporter and finally get a 100 percent completion rate on the map. Basically, it requires the player to lure a Pain Elemental to the area and allowing it to push the player into the teleporter.

The trick is not as easy as it sounds, but Doom II players who are able to do it will finally be able to get a 100 percent completion rate for a 24-year-old game.

Zero Master's discovery prompted a congratulatory message from John Romero himself, co-creator of the Doom franchise.

The video by Zero Master is a bit long at over 8 minutes, but that is primarily to show 100 percent completion for Map 15. To see the trick in action, start watching at the 3-minute mark.

Secrets In Video Games

Video game developers have long been inserting secrets and easter eggs into their projects, to make things even more interesting.

One of the more recent high-profile games with lots of secrets was God of War for the PlayStation 4. An example of a secret from the title was found in the cloth map that comes with the God of War Collector's Edition. The map was apparently not just an aesthetic piece, as it led players to a relic named the Forbidden Grip of the Ages.

Another popular game with a cool secret was Far Cry 5, which players can actually finish in just 10 minutes. Instead of going to war against Joseph Seed and his cult, players can choose to walk away from the situation, leading to the end credits.

Of course, neither of these secrets took over two decades to be discovered.

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