Gaming buffs got the first look of Acer's Predator Thronos as it was publicly displayed in IFA Berlin on Thursday.

Superior Components And Features

The Predator Thronos, which sports three 27-inch gaming monitors within its 1.5-meter tall steel chassis, also features a deep impact vibration function. The deep impact vibration function plays a critical role in reacting to in-game action through vibrations sent on the Thronos' colossal steel exoskeleton. 

The body of the Predator Thronos is contrived from a polished, black steel and has white or blue accents that tone with the aesthetic Acer uses on its Predator desktops and laptops. Likewise, the chair sprawls a full 140 degrees and emphasizes an inherent footrest. 

"With this collection of new devices, gadgets and refreshed models in our existing ranges, we've pushed our technology capabilities more than ever. Whether you're looking to fully immerse yourself in a gaming world, manage your personal and creative projects on some of the world's best personal computing devices, or equip your personal and professional life with highly capable technology then the latest revelations from the Next @Acer conference will appeal to you," said Emmanuel Fromont, President Acer EMEA.

Acer didn't announce the price and release information of the Predator Thronos, but PC World noted that gaming aficionados should not expect it to come cheap. Gaming chair alternatives such as The Emperor costs $5,305. Similar to the Predator Thronos, the Emperor also has three monitors and mounts. 

Acer Announces Two Gaming Monitors

Meanwhile, Acer also revealed two new gaming monitors that are compatible with the Thronos' overhead brace. Among those include the Predator XB273K, which is equipped with a 144Hz, Nvidia G-Sync, and an IPS panel for precise color reproduction. It is expected to hit the stores in the fourth quarter of this year for $1,300.

On the other hand, the Nitro XV273K gaming monitor is most desirable for users who want to save money. The Nitro XV237K features an IPS 1440p model, TN 1440p version, and one 4K IPS panel that is priced at $499, $449, and $899 respectively.

All three versions are geared with 144Hz refresh rates, but the 4K one also comes with DisplayHDR certification up to 400 nits. Other revelations by Acer in the IFA 2018 included the unwrapping of the Predator X and Predator Triton 900 gaming laptops, the 15-inch Acer Swift 5 notebook, Chromebook 514, and the Windows-powered mixed-reality headset known as the Acer OJO 500. 

Photo: Cheon Fong Liew | Flickr 

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