Meryl Streep unintentionally becomes the star of the US Open final between Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin del Porto in New York.

The renowned actress's phenomenal reaction to the match was captured by the cameras and became a viral meme. Many people even joked about Streep getting an Oscar nomination for her priceless reaction.

The 69-year old actress delighted the audience and netizens alike with how she reacted to what was happening in the US Open match held on Sept. 9 in Arthur Ashe Stadium, Queens.

Meryl Streep's Priceless Reaction

The camera was focused on Streep when Potro scored a point. When the actress saw the shot, she pulled her hand up to frame her face, very much like the agape emoji. After which, she made a shocked face as she covered her open mouth with her hands. She also turned to her side where her son, Henry, was sitting, also mirroring the same awed expression.

"And the award for best performance by a fan in a leading role goes to..." tweeted the US Open official account, while posting a photo of the three-time Oscar winner's animated reaction while watching Serbia's Djokovic win his 14th big game.

Many people immediately turned Streep's photo into a meme on social media, saying that if there would be an award for the best performance by a tennis fan, she would undeniably win it.

Clearly a tennis fan, people are wondering how Streep will react if she saw the widely talked about the women's final wherein Japan's player Naomi Osaka won over Serena Williams.

Queen Of Memes

Notably, the actress also became a meme as fans edited a photo of her shouting during the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards when she showed her support to Debbie Reynolds, who won the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Many people used Streep's photo and accompanied it with famous song lyrics that will make everyone belt their hearts out. This quickly became viral on Twitter.

Additionally, her reaction during the 2018 Oscars became the source another viral meme. Streep exhibited another example of her shouting gesture during the awards while she sat in front row. Although she did not win or present any awards at the show at the time, she still managed to steal the spotlight by becoming an online sensation.

Furthermore, she was also involved in a group hug with Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie, and Sally Hawkins in the Oscars. The women were all nominated for best actress.

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