Finally, something Twitch users have long been requesting for — actual GIF responses to livestreams.

Twitch has officially added GIF usage to its platform. Thanks to the new Giphy expansion, streamers can now search for and use GIFs as responses. The broadcaster will set a location on the screen for where users can drop GIFs, and once a stream starts, viewers can click the Giphy icon to start searching for the perfect reaction to the broadcaster's on-screen behavior.

From there, GIFs will be overlaid on the stream, and those who plan on trolling streamers should know that Twitch and Giphy will curate GIFs for appropriateness. Giphy has had its share of troubles when it comes to moderating improper content. At one point, it was removed from Snapchat and Instagram because of the rampant Nazi and racist material coming out of the service, but this time for Twitch, it's going to do a better job of removing offensive content.

GIFs On Twitch Will Be Troll-Proof

"GIFs are limited to a PG rating and below, meaning content with violence, sexual references, and lewd terms are all prohibited amongst other things," according to the extension's description. "In addition, GIPHY content is moderated to remove content that is overtly offensive to any race, gender, ethnicity, or community."

GIFs are delivered and queued up one at a time, Twitch explains. Those who aren't fans of GIFs are also free to get rid of it if they prefer because as with any other Twitch extension, the screen may be minimized or closed at any time during the broadcast, but Twitch's developer experience VP Amir Shevat believes it contributes greatly to the overall social experience provided by its platform.

"With GIPHY tapping into their extensive library of animated Gifs for their new Extension, it adds a fun and compelling new element to the social video experience that is sure to resonate with the current meme generation."

What Is Twitch?

The ability to add GIFs to a conversation doesn't seem all that revolutionarym, but Amazon-owned Twitch has built a massive community of broadcasters and video game streamers based on the interactive nature of the service. Users can subscribe to individual channels — starting at $4.99 per month — to get perks such as being able to send "emotes" in chats. There's also Twitch Prime, the premium subscription tier of Twitch that comes bundled with Amazon Prime.

Thoughts about Twitch? What do you think of being able to send GIFs during streams? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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