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Meryl Streep's Reactions At US Open Go Viral

Meryl Streep once again proved that she still has what it takes to launch a viral meme. The acclaimed actress’s priceless facial reactions during the US Open final were picked up by the camera.

Celebrities September 12, 2018

Astronauts Play First Tennis Match In Space, And It Looked Like So Much Fun

Four astronauts participated in a game of doubles during the first tennis match played in space. The International Space Station served as the venue for the historic match, which was shown live on the Unisphere in New York.

Space August 24, 2018

Going One-On-One With The 'You Vs. Maria Sharapova' Virtual Reality Experience At The US Open

Tech Times meets a CGI-version of tennis champion Maria Sharapova as part of the American Express Fan Experience at the US Open. Here's that firsthand account and how the virtual reality technology works.

September 1, 2015

Magnus Effect Is Bouncing All Over The Internet: What Is It About? [Video]

The Internet is buzzing about a viral video showing how a simple spin can propel a basketball in the most unexpected direction. The Magnus Effect, which is a Physics concept, is said to be the reason why such unbelievable trick can occur.

Energy July 18, 2015

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech biometric smart shirt latest in wearable tech

Ralph Lauren is debuting its first biometric smart shirt at this year's U.S. Open tennis championships. The shirt aims to revolutionize the wearable tech sector.

Wearable Tech August 30, 2014

LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy is making music using sounds from the U.S. Open

Former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy has teamed up with IBM and the U.S. Open to create music using tennis sounds. And no, it doesn't just sound like a ball bouncing.

Movies/TV Shows August 30, 2014

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech combines fitness with luxury fashion

Ralph Lauren is launching into wearable tech with its Polo Tech shirt, which will be unveiled at the US Open. The company’s tech shirt includes sensors to track overall health. The biometrics will also track heart rate and energy levels.

Movies/TV Shows August 25, 2014

Djokovic crushes Nadal to win ATP World Tour FInals 2013

Novak Djokovic defeated Rafael Nadal to retain the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals 2013 trophy.

Sports November 12, 2013

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