Screenwriter Audrey Wells Who Wrote 'Under The Tuscan Sun' Passes Away At 58


After her long battle with cancer, accomplished screenwriter Audrey Wells passed away on Oct. 4. Wells was 58 years old.

Wells had a long career in the entertainment industry. She was the woman behind the screenplay of films such as Under The Tuscan Sun, which she also directed. The movie starred multi-awarded actress Diane Lane.

She also penned Shall We Dance, and The Truth About Cats and Dogs. Additionally, she adapted the screenplay for The Hate U Give, which was just recently released by Fox.

Wells' Vibrant Life

According to her husband, Brian Larky, Wells fought for the last five and a half years with her illness and she passed away surrounded by immense love. In her fight, she never lost her light. Her sickness did not stop traveling, working, living, and her joy was still intact, together with her positive disposition and wonder.

"She was, simply, the most incredible wife and partner imaginable, and she knew always that she was loved by Tatiana, me, and the friends who were her chosen family," he added.

Her passing was announced by her representatives at United Talent Agency. The company's co-president, David Kramer, shared that Wells was truly one of their beloved clients and was an amazing friend.

"It was impossible not to fall in love with her and the passion that brought her stories to life," Kramer added.

Wells' Newest Project

Wells' latest project confronts police and racial tension in the country as it tells the story of an underprivileged African-American high school student, Starr Carter, who goes to a prep school that is attended by mostly white students.

The film's lead character witnesses an unfortunate event — the shooting of her childhood friend, Khalil, by a police officer.

Fox also shared that it is heartbroken by the news. The company mentoined that Wells had a voice of bravery and empowerment, and her projects will continue to live through the strong, courageous, and driven female characters that she brought to live through her writing.

The prolific writer and director was born in San Francisco. Before her rise as a screenwriter, she worked as a disc jockey. Wells stated that this gave her inspiration for what to pen about when she entered film school.

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