Nintendo's 'Dragalia Lost' Earns $16 Million In First 2 Weeks: Better Than 'Animal Crossing' And Chasing 'Super Mario Run'


Nintendo's new mobile game, Dragalia Lost, earned $16 million in its first two weeks of availability, placing it ahead of Animal Crossing but behind Super Mario Run.

The free-to-play game, which contains all the classic elements of a JRPG, was released for the iOS and Android in late September. It had a slow start, but Dragalia Lost is now carving its niche in the mobile gaming market in the United States and Japan.

Dragalia Lost Earns $16 Million In 2 Weeks

According to Sensor Tower, Dragalia Lost only earned $3.5 million in first five days, still a significant amount but far behind all other Nintendo mobile games over that period. However, new data from the mobile app analytics company revealed that the JRPG has started to pick up the pace.

In its first two weeks, Dragalia Lost has earned $16 million, of which $13.5 million came from the United States and Japan. Over its first two weeks in the two major markets, Animal Crossing only earned $9.8 million.

Dragalia Lost was able to overtake Animal Crossing, but it is now chasing Super Mario Run, which earned $15.6 million in its first two weeks in the United States and Japan. It should be noted, however, that the game was only available on iOS devices at the start.

Dragalia Lost is far behind the juggernaut that is Fire Emblem Heroes, though, which earned $34.0 million in its first two weeks in the two countries.

'Dragalia Lost' vs Other Nintendo Mobile Games

Dragalia Lost has not earned as much as Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run in its first two weeks, but $16 million is still very impressive because of one characteristic about the mobile game.

While Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run drew upon the successful Fire Emblem and Super Mario franchises of Nintendo, Dragalia Lost is a whole new IP that is first launching on mobile.

In Dragalia Lost, players control anime-style characters with the ability to transform into dragons, engaging in turn-based combat on the quest to save the world. Everything about the mobile RPG is original, offering Nintendo fans a whole new world to explore.

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