A cancer survivor’s daughter shares the story of how her father was treated unfairly by a store owner in South Carolina.

Her father, whose face was disfigured after his battle with cancer, was allegedly told to cover his face.

Cancer Survivor’s Ordeal

Cancer survivor Kirby Evans bout with cancer was a success but it left him with a disfigured face, with his left eye and nose significantly affected. While many would laud his victorious battle with cancer, he had a recent negative experience that brought him to tears.

It was in a Facebook post that Brandy Evans told of her father Kirby’s experience at a South Carolina Pit Stop. Last Oct. 8, Kirby was at the gas station when he proceeded to go inside the store to buy a pack of donuts and a drink. However, before he was even able to sit down at one of the tables, Kirby says that he was grabbed by the store owner and brought into her office. There, he was told to cover his face if he was going to eat there.

‘Cancer Does Not Discriminate!’

When he went home, he told his daughter what happened and could not help but shed tears. In an interview with local news, Kirby states that he had never been treated like that before and that the experience hurt him deep inside.

In the post, Brandy notes that it was due to the battle with cancer that her father lost his left eye and nose, and that he could not afford to have the expensive surgeries to fix his face. She further explains that he cannot wear an eye patch because it rubs the eye socket raw and could cover the opening of his nose which always has to stay open.

Since Oct. 10, the post has gotten over 6,000 reactions, 3,200 comments, and over 10,000 shares. Due to the outpour of support after her post, she went on to create a GoFundMe page entitled “Cancer does not discriminate!”

Community Support

Brandy and Kirby share that their local community has been very supportive after the post went viral. According to Kirby, he did not know that there were so many people who cared but that they were out there. Now, he is said to be focusing, not on his experience, but on all the support he has been receiving.

The owner of the store refused to comment on the matter, but her husband says that the store is wrongfully accused.

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