Search Company Claims To Have Found Lost City Of Atlantis


Merlin Burrows, a British search company, claims it has found Atlantis, the fictional island from Plato's writings thousands of years ago.

The company said that the ruins of Atlantis were near the coast of Spain. However, this should be taken with a grain of salt because numerous experts previously pinpointed the area where the city supposedly was, but they were proven wrong.

To be specific, the team insisted that the lost city is located at Doñana National Park after it had analyzed data from Landsat 5 and 8, which also gives data to Google Earth, and the Greek philosopher's writings. They then found the place a fit to Plato's vivid descriptions.

CEO Bruce Blackburn revealed the quest in the area had been ongoing for years as his staff continuously searched for clues. Later on, their hard work bore fruit when they discovered what they said were remains of the towers and temples of Atlantis.

The materials used for these structures were man-made concrete that allegedly dates back to 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. Atlantis was believed to have come into existence roughly around that time.

Mixed Reactions On Finding Atlantis

Merlin Burrows, which, according to the website is all about finding anything "lost, forgotten, or hidden," is also set to release in an unspecified date a documentary discussing what they deemed to be proof to support their claims. Blackburn said they already anticipated the hordes of people who will be skeptical about this.

"Everybody is going to have [one of] two opinions. One is that 'This is great. Let's have a look at it,' and one will be 'That's a load of rubbish,'" Blackburn said.

Unconvincing Claim

Meanwhile, this new claim had raised quite a few eyebrows of archeologists and scientists. One said that the ruins found were probably of another culture, while others simply brushed off this age-old idea. Other teams claimed Atlantis was in Bolivia, Turkey, Germany, Malta, and Antarctica among many others.

Atlantis was portrayed to be a prosperous city that had advanced technologies before a tragedy happened that had caused its sinking, never to be found again. Whether the lost city is legendary or not remains a hot-debated topic among scientists and experts.

Plato's works of art are used to be seen as an allegory, but this changed when Ignatius Donnelly released his book Atlantis: The Antediluvian World that said Atlantis is real.

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