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Search Company Claims To Have Found Lost City Of Atlantis

Another team had yet again claimed that they finally found where the lost city of Atlantis once stood. The search company behind this latest expedition said the fictional city was near the coast of in Spain.

Ancient November 29, 2018

Lost City Hidden Underneath Antarctica: Is It Atlantis?

Photos taken by NASA's Operation IceBridge mission reportedly show an ancient human settlement beneath the Antarctic ice. Could this be the lost city of Atlantis?

Earth/Environment December 13, 2016

Scientists Want To Unravel Mysteries Behind Britain's 'Atlantis'

A team of scientists is set to discover the mysteries surrounding a country that had sunk down the North Sea some 7,500 years ago. A research council in Europe provided funds for the experts to work on this project using advanced technologies.

Animals September 3, 2015

Legendary Lost City Of Atlantis Was Located Off Moroccan Coast, Claims German Programmer

Many have tried to look for the ancient city of Atlantis but failed. After a detailed analysis, Michael Hübner has narrowed down the location of the lost city, not underwater, but to a desert off the coast of Morocco.

Animals March 16, 2015

Divers Retrieve 'Atlantis' Metal Orichalcum from Ancient Shipwreck

Divers exploring an ancient shipwreck discovered 39 ingots believed to be made of the legendary metal orichalcum that Plato said was forged and used in the city of Atlantis.

Animals January 10, 2015

Japanese Firm Plans to Create Underwater City Ocean Spirals. Modern-day Atlantis?

An underwater city? It’s certainly not as far-fetched as it sounds anymore, given the range of technologies already available today. Should Ocean Spiral succeed, people will be living underwater by 2030.

November 27, 2014

German conspiracy theorists vandalize Great Pyramid of Giza to prove people of Atlantis built it, land in hot water

Two amateur German archaeologists are in big trouble for smuggling artifacts from the Great Pyramid of Giza. They know what they did was wrong but they wanted to prove that Egyptians were not the ones who built the ancient pyramids.

Society February 23, 2014

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