Apple Official Reiterates 2018 iPad Pro 'Meets Or Exceeds' Standards Amid Issues Of Bent Units


An Apple official maintains that the 2018 iPad Pros are built of premium quality despite confirming news reports of bent units.

The company is in hot waters after complaints about some of its products surfaced on social media, specifically with the iPad Pro variants released this year, with owners saying their gadgets suddenly developed a bend even without maltreatment. To be fair, Apple acknowledged and confirmed this issue, although it didn't see it as a defect.

'High Quality' iPad Pros

In an email sent to a customer, Apple's vice president of hardware engineering Dan Riccio remained firm about the quality of the 2018 iPad Pro. This message was published on 9to5Mac and the editor said the same letter was sent to other people who contacted the company about the issue.

The iPad Pro "meets or exceeds all of Apple's high quality standards of design and precision manufacturing. We've carefully engineered it and every part of the manufacturing process is precisely measured and controlled," the message read.

2018 iPad Pro Flatness Specification

Riccio continued in the email that flatness for the 2018 iPad Pro is at 400 microns, a variance that is "even tighter than previous generations." He further explained that this specification is equal to less than half a millimeter, or in lay man's term, approximately the width of four sheets of paper, and explained that this won't affect in any way the function of the device.

Meanwhile, the official's statement did not rebut earlier reports that the iPad Pros were shipped already with a bend after the manufacturing process. Apple already confirmed the reports but asserted that this was not a defect and would not affect the product's performance or that it would get worse through time.

Apple had yet to release a comprehensive message to its consumers detailing its side of the matter or if a replacement program will be implemented. Many loyal fans were disappointed over the company's statement, considering the gadgets' hefty price tag.

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