Glitter Bomb Inventor Admits Video Showed Fake Thieves, Apologizes For 'Misleading' Clip


Just days after he was recognized for designing a glitter bomb that farts on package thieves, former NASA engineer Mark Rober is issuing an apology because some of the reactions of the thieves on the video were staged.

Rober recently turned heads with his YouTube video, which showed porch thieves being spewed by glitters when they tried getting a "package" from the doorstep. It has been viewed for at least 40 million times and news outlets immediately picked up this promising creation, gaining even more attention.

Removed Parts Of The Glitter Bomb Video

However, in a tweet, the YouTuber informed his followers that he removed a minute and a half of his video, titled "Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap," because he learned that some of the reactions of the thieves were staged. Rober narrated that he teamed up with someone who was willing to place the package on their porch.

He said that the volunteer, described as "a friend of a friend," was paid as compensation of his or her time and efforts. Furthermore, he said he also offered money for the successful recovery of the parcel. Little did he know that his little helper would tap friends to act out as robbers.

'Misleading' Portions Of The Video

Clueless Rober would then upload the whole thing believing that all five reactions of the thieves were genuine. He said sorry for the "misleading" clip, and after admitting that his credibility has been tainted, he encouraged followers to look at some of his videos for the last seven years to prove the types and quality of clips he made.

"This is my first ever video with some kind of 'prank' and like I mentioned in the video it's pretty removed from my comfort zone," he explained.

Rober, who seemed wounded by what happened, also expressed worry over people dismissing his creation as fake, citing the time, effort, and money used for this project.

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