YouTuber Builds Nintendo GameCube Classic Edition: Will It Really Happen Soon?


YouTuber Nintendrew, a Nintendo enthusiast, has built his own Nintendo GameCube Classic Edition, raising questions on whether there is any possibility for the device to become a real thing.

Last summer, Nintendo filed a trademark for what appears to be preparation for a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition. Will players soon see signs that the Nintendo GameCube Classic Edition is in the works?

Nintendrew Builds Nintendo GameCube Classic Edition

In a new video, Nintendrew tried his hand at building a Nintendo GameCube Classic Edition following last year's attempt at creating a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition.

For the Nintendo GameCube Classic Edition, Nintendrew tried to make a mini version of the console resembling the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition, but without sacrificing functionality and affordability. The size of GameCube files compared to NES and SNES files, along with the hardware for running them, has made it harder to keep the cost of the project below $100.

According to Nintendrew, while the Raspberry Pi worked well for his Nintendo 64 Classic Edition, he needed something more powerful for the Nintendo GameCube Classic Edition. He used the UpSquared Board, which was bigger than the Raspberry Pi and had a fan.

Nintendrew noted that there were issues, such as slowdowns in one-third of the games that he tested. He believes, however, that Nintendo would iron out these issues if they really did make a Nintendo GameCube Classic Edition.

Nintendrew then created an authentic-looking 3D-printed case with ventilation and a USB hub that supports four controllers like the original console.

Will The Nintendo GameCube Classic Edition Really Happen?

The technical issues encountered by Nintendrew have dampened the possibility of the Nintendo GameCube Classic Edition ever happening. However, it's the cost that served as the final sign that it might not be released soon. The retail price of the UpSquared Board already goes from $229 to $319, making it already more expensive than the retail prices of the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition combined.

"Even if you account for a direct relationship with manufacturers, odds are Nintendo would still be paying at least $100 for each unit," said Nintendrew, which might place the Nintendo GameCube Classic Edition at a difficult-to-sell price point.

Super Smash. Bros On Nintendo GameCube

If the Nintendo GameCube Classic Edition really does happen, its main purpose will likely be to play Super Smash Bros. Melee, the best-selling game of the console.

Super Smash Bros. fans, however, should not be disappointed if the retro console does not become an official product. The Super Smash. Bros for the Nintendo Switch is already official, with the game being a huge part of Nintendo's presence at the upcoming E3 2018.

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