Technically, people can watch the upcoming third season of Stranger Things on HP's new Omen X Emperium, but that's not what it's primarily for.

While this large-screen TV makes for bombastic binge-watching sessions, it's actually for gaming first and foremost. The HP Omen X Emperium 65, a behemoth 65-inch gaming display, is part of Nvidia's Big Format Gaming Displays, or BFGD.

Unlike traditional gaming displays, BFGDs are certified by Nvidia and are said to deliver the best gaming experience thanks to a number of technologies built into the platform, particularly Nvidia's proprietary G-Sync HDR standard that promises refresh rates of up to 240 Hz for smooth, tear-free immersion.

HP Omen X Emperium 65

More specifically, HP's new display comes with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. Still not 240 Hz, surely, but nonetheless impressive considering it's 65 inches. The monitor also packs its own soundbar complete with a low frequency array, vibration reduction technology, and a three-way stereo crossover system. Those features apparently "negate the need for a separate subwoofer," according to HP.

Gaming displays cater to a certain niche, specifically gamers, and they're already pretty knowledgeable about all the technical stuff. Even so, HP has put great thought not just into the design of its latest display but also how people are going to use it.

As such, on the back are nifty little LEDs activated by a light sensor, lighting up whenever the monitor detects that the user is trying to see which cable is for which port. It'll not only brighten up the sockets, but also the labels to indicate proper placement, so users are spared of any potential cord management headaches. HP knows this part of the setup is always a challenge, even for the most experienced gamer. It's an unexpected, but sorely welcome addition to an already impressive list of features.

The monitor itself boasts HP's Quantum Dot technology that's among the best available for desktop monitors right now. It's also got a DCI-P3 95 percent, which is just a technical term meaning it's able to display a massive amount of the color spectrum.

Pricing And Release Date

With great power comes a great price tag. The Omen X Emperium 65 isn't for the shallow-pocketed, nor the faint-hearted. The thing costs a whopping $5,000. That's too much money to spend on a gaming monitor, of course, but do keep in mind all the features mentioned above. HP will begin selling it this February.

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