LG Made A 27-Inch Monitor You Can Take Anywhere


Okay, so a 27-inch monitor isn't exactly something one would take anywhere, but the LG Neo Art Portable Monitor Display is still an excellent ultra-thin portable display that uses a single USB Type-C port for both power and video transfer.

Just-unveiled at CES, this one is starkly different from LG's more impressive rollable OLED TV but is just as noteworthy. It's still a prototype, to be clear, but it's a pretty stellar grab-and-go monitor concept. It's huge but easily transportable. It's not something a person would take to a coffee shop, of course, but it's thin and lightweight enough that relocating it between different points inside a household becomes super hassle-free.

LG Neo Art Display

Though still essentially a tech demo, the people who got to try the Neo Art display say it seems much more refined than a prototype device. LG was true to its word too: connecting a MacBook Pro is indeed just a plug-and-play process. LG even demoed a single MacBook Pro powering two displays at once, which makes for a neat setup.

LG Neo Art Display Specs

The Neo Art display has somewhat lukewarm specs at best. The 27-inch LCD panel tops at 1080p, and while that may have been impressive several years ago, it's majorly outdated now given the prevalence of 4K displays. Plus, this will most likely be used up close, which means individual pixels will be apparent. This wouldn't be a problem had smartphones not spoiled everyone with excellent screens. Blame it on Apple's Retina Display, which started the dots-per-inch obsession in 2010.

Not a webcam in sight or speakers here, either. Nothing fancy, just a screen. Adding unnecessary components would have probably added bulk to the overall frame, which defeats the purpose of its portability. Plus, it would have jacked the price up too.

The biggest downside with tech demos and prototypes is the fact that there's no assurance they'll come to the market eventually. Impressive and promising as it is, the Neo Art Display is technically just a concept, and odds are it won't reach the mainstream anytime soon. It varies, though. The rollable OLED display, mentioned earlier, seemed nothing more than a pipe dream when it was unveiled last year, but now it's confirmed to be shipping this spring.

Perhaps if LG sees there's enough consumer interest for large yet portable external display, then the Neo Art will hit the market in no time. LG has yet to expound on its future plans for the display, so make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more.

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