LG is reportedly planning to start selling big-screen TVs that can be rolled up and put away like a poster in 2019 in an effort to revive an ailing business.

LG Display Rollable TV Available As Consumer Product In 2019

The company showcased the LG Display rollable TV prototype at the CES 2018. It appears though that consumers do not have to wait for long before they get to have one at home.

Citing an anonymous source, Bloomberg's Min Jeong Lee and Sam Kim wrote reported that LG is making the prototype available as a real product for consumers starting next year.

"LG Electronics Inc. plans to begin selling big-screen TVs next year that can be rolled up and put away like a poster," Min Jeong Lee and Sam Kim wrote.

Can Be Rolled Up And Put Away When Not In Use

The 65-inch TV can retract automatically with just a touch of a button. It will also feature organic light-emitting diode or OLED screen that can produce crisper images and fold more easily compared with traditional LCD panels.

Richard Lawler of Engadget also reported last month of internal documents that indicate LG is planning to display full-on rollable TVs at CES 2019.

"It appears that the prototypes we've seen in past years from LG Display are ready to take center stage, perhaps with an eye for launching it next year as a real product," Lawler wrote.

A prototype of this futuristic television is displayed at LG's research center in Seoul. It can be rolled up and stuffed into a box when not in use.

May Help Revive LG's Ailing Business

Consumers may want a roll-up TV for easier storage and transportation. LG hopes that the so-called "rollable" and OLED TV could revive its consumer electronics business, which has been struggling amid price declines and growing Chinese competition.

The company is streamlining its workforce to focus on future technologies such as flexible displays.

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