Lexar Now Offers Massive 1 TB SDXC Memory Card


There's no shortage of companies boasting about their super large-capacity SD cards, but they all go quiet when it comes to actually bringing them to market. Except Lexar.

Amazingly, the company's 1 TB SD card is now actually available to purchase, making it the first legitimate SD card with that amount of storage that's commercially available. SanDisk showed off a 1 TB SD card some years past, but it never arrived in the market.

"Almost fifteen years ago, Lexar announced a 1GB SD card," said Joey Lopez, the company's senior marketing manager. "Today, we are excited to announce 1TB of storage capacity in the same convenient form factor."

Is A 1 TB SD Card Too Big?

1 TB might sound a tad bit too large for most people, but certain individuals, especially video professionals, will find it super convenient, especially since 4K videos quickly eat up a lot of space. That storage option is part of Lexar's Professional 633x line of SDHC and SDXC UHS-I cards, which start from 16 GB all the way up to a terabyte.

The card claims to have read speeds of up to 95 MB per second and write speeds of 70 MB per second. The downside is it's only rated as V30/U3, which means it has a sustained write performance of only 30 MB per second.


Don't expect this to be cheap, of course. 1 TB SSDs are still pretty pricey nowadays, what more for SD cards? This particular model costs $500, although B&H has it for $400. That's still radically higher considering B&H carries various 512 GB cards for under $150. Most video creators dealing with 4K footage regularly might find the extra cost worth it, though.

"As consumers continue to demand greater storage for their cameras, the combination of high-speed performance with a 1TB option now offers a solution for content creators who shoot large volumes of high-resolution images and 4K video," Lexar said.


With this, things are on the up-and-up for Lexar, which only less than two years ago was discontinued by Micron, its parent company. Chinese company Longsys scooped up the brand in 2017, then announced in late 2018 that Lexar cards would make a return to the market.

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