A 10-Hour Dabbing Session Got A 'Fortnite' YouTuber $2,000


There's no such thing as too much dabbing for a Fortnite YouTuber who dabbed his way to $2,000, 6,000 new subscribers, a sore shoulder, and a shattered pair of headphones.

In a seemingly impossible feat, Luke TheNotable streamed himself alongside his Fortnite character, who dabbed for 10 hours straight.

The Infinite Dab

Late last year, Epic Games included the updated version of the Infinite Dab emote in its v7.10 patch notes, allowing players to dab for as long as 10 hours, and this prompted the Fortnite gamer to take on the challenge.

Statistically speaking, Toxic Trooper, Luke TheNotable's Fortnite character, dabbed twice every second during the 10-hour stream. That's a total of 120 dabs per minute or a whopping 72,000 dabs for the entire duration of the emote.

During the course of the stream, other players joined Luke TheNotable in the lobby to dab as well. The above dab computation doesn't include the ones made by other players and the streamer himself, though. So apparently, a bazillion of dabs — not just 72,000 — happened in a matter of 10 hours.

To clear things up, only Toxic Trooper dabbed for 10 hours straight. Luke TheNotable did dab every now and then during the stream, as he was visiting other menus or just plain reading comments from his viewers. But he's only human anyway, and 72,000 dabs for 10 hours could be detrimental, so no pressure.

The Aftermath

Streaming for 10 hours while dabbing occasionally is surely a tedious job, but Luke TheNotable's hard work all paid off. His 10-hour dab session got him donations from over 300 viewers, which all amounted to $2,000, plus 6,000 new subscribers.

In the end, the YouTuber gave out some of his hard-earned money to a select number of lucky streamers.

For anyone who's up for this challenge, here's a word of caution:

"Please don't do this. If you do this correctly, at the end, literally nothing happens. I just really don't wanna hear about any of you guys messing yourself up trying to do what I did. You could get hurt. I broke my headphones," Luke TheNotable warned.

Check out the entirety of the 10-hour dabbing session below. That is, if you have a ton of time to waste.

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