Playing Fortnite in real life just took two steps closer to becoming reality, as Epic Games teamed up with Hasbro to combine with massively popular multiplayer shooter with Nerf and Monopoly.

Fortnite celebrated its first anniversary in June by reaching the milestone of 125 million players worldwide. The game's popularity is now leaking out of consoles, computers, and smartphones, invading toys and board games next.

'Fortnite' Nerf Guns

Hasbro announced that it will be bringing the Battle Royale shooter to life with Fortnite-themed Nerf guns, which are expected to launch next year.

According to Hasbro, the Fortnite Nerf guns will "immerse fans into the player-versus-player action of the game." This could simply mean that the Fortnite Nerf blasters will be fashioned after the guns that can be found in the game, similar to the Overwatch Nerf guns that have started rolling out this year.

There is also the possibility that Hasbro will attach the Fortnite brand to its line of Nerf laser tag blasters, which will allow friends to play matches to determine the last man standing.

There are no mock-ups or further details on the Fortnite Nerf guns. Some of the game's weapons are realistic, which might not fit into Nerf's lineup. Fortunately, there are many ridiculous options to choose from to serve as inspiration for Nerf blasters.

The dream for Fortnite fans would be to play real-life, 100-man matches using these Nerf guns. With the power of social media, that is a definite possibility once the Fortnite Nerf blasters are launched.

Monopoly: 'Fortnite' Edition

In addition to toy guns, Fortnite is also coming to one of the most popular board games in the world with Monopoly: Fortnite Edition.

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition, unlike the Fortnite Nerf guns, has revealed a definite release date of Oct. 1 in both the United States and the United Kingdom. The special edition will "bring a battle building twist to the iconic Fast Dealing Property Trading game," with the Manhattan properties replaced by Fortnite locations and the tokens replaced by Fortnite character skins.

Rolling the die will allow players to deal damage to opponents, build a wall, or acquire a health pack, in addition to picking up properties along the way. There will also be storm cards, which when drawn will take up pieces of property on the board to reduce the size of the playing area, similar to how the deadly storm pushes players closer to each other in Fortnite matches.

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