Battlefield V's 'Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes' Free DLC Revealed: Trailer, Update Notes, And More


EA DICE has revealed the second free DLC for Battlefield V called Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes.

The update notes include new weapons, fixes, the new Squad Conquest mode, and more. The developer also launched a trailer to give a good look at what players can expect.

What's New

There are a lot going on here, but to start things off, there are four new weapons coming: Zk-383 SMG for the Medic class, Modele 1944 semi-automatic rifle for the Assault class, M1922 MMG for the Support class, and another one that wasn't mentioned in the patch notes. Players can unlock these weapons through Weekly Challenges in January and February.

DICE is also improving the whole "death experience" so that players will know more clearly how they died. This includes a new camera that can follow the enemy that killed them, whose name will now show up in the game world. The directional damage indicators should become more accurate too, among other things.

Squad Conquest

Arguably the biggest addition is Squad Conquest, which DICE describes as a "more concentrated version of the 64-player Conquest mode." It's playable with up to 16 players, with eight on each team that's divided into squads of four.

Players are tasked with controlling three Flags and duking it out in condensed versions of the Arras, Rotterdam, and Hamada maps.

Squad Conquest will run between Jan. 17 and 30 only "for now." Rush Mode is also making a return sometime in March, but it'll only be up for a limited time.

As for the release date, it's not exactly clear-cut. An official tweet says that Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes will be released on Jan. 17 for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. However, a press release from EA indicates that the DLC will start rolling out on Jan. 15.

For the full update notes, head on over to the Battlefield website (PDF).

Don't forget to hit up the trailer below to see what's up:

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