Google has made a quiz that teaches what users have to look out for in phishing emails.

The team behind it is the Jigsaw unit, an Alphabet subsidiary. It explains that there are a lot of bogus emails that are out to steal personal info from users. They're even getting trickier to identify as cyber thieves use the latest techniques to dupe people into giving their passwords and such.

"Phishing is, by far, the most common form of cyberattack. One percent of emails sent today are phishing attempts. And it often represents a more serious threat than the nuisance offers for free money we've all seen in our inboxes," Jigsaw said in a blog post.

Phishing Quiz Made By Google

It consists of a series of eight questions and email examples that are either legitimate or phishing attempts. Users are tasked with sniffing out any sign of a phishing scam and deciding whether the email is harmful or not.

Regardless of getting it right or wrong, the quiz points out the important things to check for. These are anything between fake, misspelled domain names and look-alike URL that are made to look legitimate.

Take The Test

Step 1: Head on over to the phishing quiz page.

Step 2: Enter either a fake or real email and name.

Step 3: Identify whether the email is legit or not and answer the questions by clicking on either the Phishing or Legitimate button.

Step 4: After each answer, a Show Me button will appear. By clicking it, the quiz will give some tips, explain why it's a scam or why it's authentic, and highlight the important bits.

According to Jigsaw, the phishing quiz was made based on the trainings it has held with "10,000 journalists, activists, and political leaders around the world." It's designed with the latest techniques that cybercriminals use, and it can impart valuable knowledge in staying safe online.

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