Most bookmakers look for the best pay per head software so that they can expand their business and bring in some serious profits. As the technology advanced, it is now possible to provide high quality pay per head services with increased efficiency. The bookies are also able to use vibrant high resolution images as well as quick communication to enhance their betting services.

These days, pay per head betting platforms offer crucial information and many other helpful options to help the wagering betters. As more and more online players come into the fold of betting, the gamblers started using advanced pay per head software to cater to their needs. Here is the best pay per head software providers in 2019.

1. Real Bookies

Real Bookies is a reliable pay per head service that provides local bookies a one-stop-shop for all their needs. A new bookie or an existing one can use their services to attract new clients and keep the existing ones. Real Bookies offers a cost-effective solution to give betters the best experience in online betting. It not only helps bookers and their betters save, time but also tons of money.

The bookers that sign up with Real Bookie must pay a flat fee per client. However, with that fee, they are able to unlock many benefits offered by the platform. The booker can create their own website after signing on and have a landing page of their own to send their clients. They will also be able to place bets online and see live odds. Real Bookie also caters to agents who want to add casino and racebook to their websites. By adding these features, online betting service providers are able to increase their revenue by giving more options to gamblers.

By using Real Bookie, agents can really benefit from the platform as they get access to real time reports. This allows them to have a clear view of all the bets placed by their clientele, the bets that were won, and etc. These real time reports highlight the areas where the agents are losing most money and where they are gaining maximum profit. The clients are also able to bet 24/7 online, without needing the help of agents take these bets. As a result, a lot of time and money is saved in the process.

Bookies are switching to pay per head software like Real Bookie because it helps them stay ahead in the business and also meet rising customer demands more seamlessly.

2. 247pph

247PPH is a leading name in the pay per head industry that can help any bookie further their betting business manifolds. This software can setup bookies with an end-to-end solution within minutes of signing up and paying the initial fee to activate the account. Upon activation, 247PPH sets up bookie's players on the system and sets their betting limits.

The software has been designed to handle all the betting tasks. However, the payment must be collected by the bookie only as the players do not make any online payments.

247PPH provides an all-in-one solution where the software maintains updated live odds on all the major sports such as NFL, NBA, MLB etc. The pay per head service also sets up bookies with ready-to-use casino that can also be implemented on the bookie's website. This software is designed to offer maximum opportunity for clients to make money and increase their revenues.

The betters are able login securely into the platform that allows them to place bets 24/7. The bookies are no longer required to stay on their online device round the clock to take bets once they signup on the software. It also gives clients the opportunity to use their time to look for new betters and expand their business.

The pay per head software offered by 247PPH is simple and easy to use. It is virtually effortless to create and edit players for Sportsbook betting. For the first time users, there is also a tutorial available on the dashboard that provides step-by-step guide to navigate the system.

Overall, is a reliable sportsbook software with great features and easy-to-use interface that helps bookies run a profitable betting business.

3. A1PPH

A1PPH is a strong pay per head operator that offers seamless betting experience to both the bookies and their clients. There is a robust tech support in place that makes it one of the most trusted names in the industry. The bookies can signup without any obligations and can toy with the software before committing to it.

The one thing that makes this software incredibly easy to use is the fact that it offers complete betting solution in one account. As a result, the process of betting is simplified significantly for all the stakeholders. They also offer live lines for sports betting industry that runs smoothly and efficiently. The built-in redundancy feature ensures that none of the players or the bookies are ever offline. The system is completely reliable and assures great performance throughout the betting process. The software is also capable of handling large number of betters and large traffic without the fear of system breakdown.

There is also software reporting that gives betters a wide range of features, making their betting experience smooth and user-friendly. With wide range of betting options, many players often feel that A1PPH is the best in business for the variety it offers. The betters can also request for additional lines and a primary reason why the software is so popular among its users.

A1PPH has over a decade of experience in gaming. This is the reason it is a leading choice for sportsbook agents, online bookie services, and online bookies. The software is dynamic that offers backend flexibility to bookies such as ability to change limits, line profiles, and restrictions either based on individual players of the package. This is one of the most comprehensive pay per head software out there for betters and bookies alike.

4. PayPerHead247 is a reliable company that handles all day-to-day bookie operations for its clients so that they can concentrate on expanding their business and making more money.

Many bookies choose PPH365 over others in the industry because of its reputation for being the most successful offshore bookmaking service providers. The easy to use sports betting software and exclusive line lines make it an attractive choice for users who never want to try any other pay per head service once they use PPH365.

The software offers a large gamut of online gaming options that spoils the user for choice and makes them come back for more. This easy to use, secure pay per head software caters to not just the bookie but also an agent and helps them grow into a full-fledged online gambling site. PPH365 has been designed to offer complete solutions to its clients that helps them save money and time, at the same time increases their revenue as well.

The sports agents are also equipped with additional feature that allows them to gain access to performance reports, adjust wager limits, weekly limits, enable or disable wagering options and do lots more on the backend to gain full control over their betting business. Agents can also benefit from the readily available phone support, website, and customer service department offered by PPH365 at a very reasonable price.

There is no other Pay per head service that offers so much in so less. The bookies do not have to share any revenue or pay commissions. They are also not required to buy the software to get started. PPH365 is extremely flexible and geared to help its bookies setup a betting business and grow it into a complete betting site.

5. America's Bookie

America's Bookie has been in business for almost a decade that allows players to bet on all major sports, bet in their racebook, and also play in the casino. The software offers 100 percent free bets that are adjusted to the $100 deposit.

The software is simple to use and allows the players to bet on all sports. An account can be created on the website within seconds. The software is easy to use once the player is inside the system. America's Bookie supports eight different kinds of bets that includes parlays, teasers, round robins, straight wagers, action reverse, win reverse, and if win or tie only. Not only can players bet on all the major sporting events but also political events and entertainment.

America's Bookie sportsbook is a well-organized page and is largely focused on sports betting. There are no distracting ads in the software that helps player concentrate on their game. Sorting on the software is intuitive that a player will be able to notice as soon as they try to search a bet type. The further steps allow the user to go deeper into the sporting events of their interest. The sorting functionality makes it easy to navigate the system with relative ease.

One of the first things that we noticed about the sportsbook at America's Bookie is that they offered in-play betting. The best part about it is that America's Bookie makes it very easy to find all of the live betting options. From any page on America's Bookie, simply click on the "Live Betting" link located at the top of the page. From there, you'll be taken to a page that will showcase all live betting options as well as upcoming games. On the left-hand side of the page, you're able to sort by sport.

The clients can also change the way odds are displayed on sportsbook. The account settings can be toggled to change the display as per the user's preferred format. The users are also able to sort the bet based on the type. The site loads quickly with little to no lag making it a seamless experience for the user.

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