Health authorities are looking for the other people who might have been exposed to tuberculosis at the Minnesota State University, Mankato. There are so far eight cases of TB related to the same area in the campus.

Tuberculosis Outbreak

The Minnesota Department of Health is investigating an ongoing tuberculosis outbreak affecting people at MSU. Evidently there have already been eight active cases of TB since August of 2016, all related to a single area in the campus.

It is believed that the illness might have originated from an international student who eventually spread the disease to at least seven other people. The majority of the affected are MSU students or former students, and the about 700 people whom they might have come in contact with were already contacted by health officials. Of them, about 30 have tested positive for TB but did not have any symptoms.

That said, health officials say that people who occasionally visit the campus don't have to worry, and that while it is not often seen in the United States, it is very common around the globe. In fact, about 150 people develop TB in Minnesota every year.


Tuberculosis is a disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis that typically affects the lungs but may affect other body parts as well. TB is passed from person to person through the air when a person with the disease coughs, sneezes, talks, or even sings. Those who have weakened immune systems are more likely to catch it, and anyone who thinks they may have been exposed must get tested.

Some symptoms of TB may include a cough that lasts for three weeks or longer, chest pain, weakness , fever, chills, weight loss, appetite loss, night sweats, and coughing out blood or mucus from deep inside the lungs.

TB can be fatal if not treated properly, but it can be treated by taking the proper medicine exactly as prescribed. Anyone who stops taking the medication too soon may have become sick again.

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