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Authorities Investigating Tuberculosis Outbreak In Minnesota Campus

Authorities are investigating on a number of tuberculosis cases affecting a university campus in Minnesota. They are looking for the other people who might have been exposed to the illness in the campus.

Public Health January 27, 2019

No Implants Required: EEG-Based Technology Makes It Possible To Control Robotic Arm With Just Thoughts

Paralyzed or stroke-afflicted people have good news from the researchers of the University of Minnesota. They have come up with a breakthrough technology that allows people to control a robotic arm using their thoughts.

Robotics December 16, 2016

How Doctors Could Diagnose Alzheimer's Disease With A Simple Eye Exam

Thanks to a breakthrough by a group of researchers from the University of Minnesota, it might be possible to diagnose Alzheimer's disease years before its effects can be seen in patients.

Public Health July 12, 2016

Suspected Norovirus Sickens 28 University Of Minnesota Students

Suspected norovirus has sickened 28 students at the University of Minnesota. The people affected by the outbreak were residents of Frontier Hall dorm.

Life April 9, 2016

Corpse Flower At University Of Minnesota Set To Bloom, Unleash Foul Smell

This week, University of Minnesota will put its own corpse flower on public display. The plant is notorious for its rotting-meat stink that serves a natural purpose.

Animals February 1, 2016

Avoid childhood obesity by having calm, fun family meals

New research shows that positive, calm and fun meals with the family could help children avoid obesity. The study was carried out by the researchers through the observation of dozens of hours of footage featuring family meals.

Life October 14, 2014

Chiropractic manipulation may help relieve back-related leg pain

Besides short walks, back-related leg pain can find relief from chiropractic manipulation, a new study finds. Here’s what it says.

Life September 16, 2014

Climate change prompts Emperor penguins to find new breeding grounds

Emperor penguins may be adapting to climate change better than expected, a new satellite study claims.

Earth/Environment June 22, 2014

Rats regret making poor decisions. No wonder we are in a rat race

Scientists have found that rats can express regret when making a poor decision. This was once believed to be a uniquely human emotion.

Animals June 10, 2014

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